Learn about traditional local cuisine from the islanders ♪

Experience a fish market auction to learn about Yoron Island's local cuisine


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  • Time:
  • Supported Languages:
4 People
8 People
Min. Participants Required For Activity:
4 People
Payment Method:
Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)
Fee(Aged 10 years and above) USD 27.05
Age (Min.):
10 years old
Parent/ Guardian Required:
Under 19 years old
Booking deadline:
4 days prior by 17:00


Visit the auction with a guide to understand fish better!

Visitors can observe the auction at the fishing port and learn about the fish from Yoron Island.

Make local cuisine and get to know the local islanders!

Experience making three of Yoron Island's local dishes: "Pyasu" (marinated fish sashimi and vegetables), "Mishijimai" (mixed rice), and "Puchimuccha" (yomogi mochi) ♪

You will recieve the recipe as a present to take home ♪

You can try to cook these special dishes at home!


  • Reception: Yoron Island Tourism Association

    Please present the My Page reservation screen at reception.

  • Transport / See the fish auction: Fishing port

    You will be go to the fishing market on your own to observe the auction.

  • Transport / Local Cooking Experience: Yunnu Taikenkan

    Each participant will move to the Yunnu Taikenkan on his/her own and make three dishes: "Pyasu" (marinated fish sashimi and vegetables), "Mishijimai" (mixed rice) or salted rice balls, and "Puchimuccha" (yomogi mochi). *Please enter either "Mishijimai" or "Shio-nigiri" on the final reservation screen.

  • Tasting: Yunnu Taikenkan

    Please take your time to enjoy the local cuisine of Yoron Island.

  • End of the activity

Included in the Fee

・Material fee, cooking experience fee, guide fee, apron, and recipe gift fees

Not included in the Fee

・Transportation expenses

Meeting Place

Yoron Island Tourism Association

33 Chabana, Yoron-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-9301


Nearest StationYoron Airport

Directions to Nearest Station10 minutes by car

Destination by TaxiYoron Island Tourism Association

Cancellation Policy

The cancel fee is based on the timing of the cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy below.

  • 3days prior
  • on the day


Free parking available
*You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from each location during the activities. Please arrange a taxi or rental car in advance. (Travel distance is approximately 5 minutes by car)

[In case of cancellation]
・The tour may be cancelled after the reservation is made due to inclement weather. In that case, the operator will notify your emergency contact. Please regularly check your email and incoming calls.
・If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather conditions or other reasons on the day of the tour, the operator will inform your emergency contact. Please be sure to check your email and incoming calls on the day of the event.
*No cancellation fee will be charged if transportation is cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

[Language Support]
・Pointing tool support (traditional Chinese)
・Body language (Japanese only)


Yoron Island Tourism Association

33 Chabana, Yoron-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-9301

Fee(USD 27.05)
Aged 10 years and above
Unavailable:Wednesdays, Weekends, Holidays