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Hiroshima - Iwakuni/Kintai Bridge Sightseeing bus


-A sightseeing bus where you visit locations such as「Kintai Bridge」, one of the 3 famous bridges of Japan, and Iwakunis' castle town and brewery.

-Starting at Hiroshima Station, this course goes through「Kintai Bridge」a series of bridges with 5 beautiful arches and its surrounding castle town, and 「Murashige Sake Brewery」 a brewery that has been opened and passed down since its founding during the early Meiji era.

-For lunch, you will eat Iwakunis' famous 「Iwakuni Sushi」

Required Time

About 7 hours
Number of ParticipantsFrom 1 (Max. [missing {{max}} value] )
Supported LanguagesJapanese
Payment MethodCredit Card (VISA/Mastercard)



Hiroshima Station Shinkansen exit.

Meet up and Depart

Miyajima viewing, toilet break (10:20-10:40)

Toilet break/Miyajima viewing

Kintai Bridge Bus Centre

・For lunch, savor the delicious 「Iwakuni Sushi」! The "Oshi-sushi" (a unique form of sushi) is a long-beloved cuisine. Among the locals, it is also called "Tonosama-sushi"; this is said to be because Yoshikawa Hiroie (the first lord of the Iwakuni domain), who was said to eat this before a battle as a preservation food somehow became popular among the townsfolk. It is made by putting numerous layers of ingredients such as lotus roots, shiitake mushrooms, broiled eggs on top of sushi rice in a wooden frame, this is then cut into individual portions. With the appearance looking similar to the colorful chirashi-sushi (rice mixed with various ingredients), this said to be a must bring meal during meet-ups among the locals.

Exploration (Kintai Bridge, Ropeway, Iwakuni Castle, etc.)

・It is one of Japan's 3 most famous bridges, and THE wooden bridge representing Japan. In 1673 (during the Enpo era), Kikkawa Hiroyoshi the 3rd lord of Iwakuni made the wooden base to what will become the bridge now. The 5 arches forming this set of bridges do not use any nails, relying only on fitting techniques such as joints and fittings. Fitting with the name "錦 (kin)" you can enjoy beautifully colorful sights of the 4 seasons from the bridge. ・The ropeway located on the mountain peak includes a free entry to Iwakuni Castle when riding! From Iwakuni Castle keep, you can observe sights such as the castle town and Kintai Bridge, when the weather is nice you can even view the Islands dotted as far as in the Seto Inland sea.

Murashige Brewery (viewing the brewery, tasting, shopping) →17:00 Arrived at Hiroshima Station Shinkansen exit.

・Murashige Brewery is home to a few sakes that represent Iwakuni such as 「Kinkan Kuromatsu」and「Hinoshita Musou」. With the motto being product quality is the priority, it makes use of and takes pride in the flavors only attainable when handmade. You can spot this from is a big cedar ball that is located by the entrance.

Included in the Fee

Lunch fee, Kintai Bridge crossing fee, Ropeway fare, Brewery touring fee.

Not included in the Fee

All items not mentioned in the included list

Cancellation Policy

  • 1days prior


-There is a possibility that the route will change. Exchange the tickets at the ticket counter (Transport information center), located on the first floor of the Hiroshima station Shinkan exit.
-Whilst riding, please make sure to fasten your seatbelt. Due to safety concerns, any weather conditions which may be hazardous for driving such as windy rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc., may delay/postpone the trip, with the company's discretion.
-Meeting time/destination will be written on the sheet, and announced when getting off the bus. Please arrive at the designated location on time. If you do not arrive at the location on time, there are instances where the bus will depart without you on board.
-Please note, people with a slight fever and/or people who do not wear masks may not be permitted to use or enter numerous facilities.
The tour operator of this bus tour shall provide travel conditions that include an itinerary guarantee, special compensation, and use of personal information in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Travel Contract of Japan. By making a reservation on this bus tour, it is deemed that the customer has agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


Tour Operator

Chugoku JR Bus Company
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Children fare(JPY 3,000)
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