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Hiroshima - Takehara & Ohkunojima Sightseeing Bus


-Ohkunojima, also known as "Rabbit Island" is a globally famous spot where you can spend time with adorable rabbits!

-Starting with the former Japanese military facilities and Poison gas Museum, there is also Takehara, also known as "Little Kyoto in Aki. In Takehara City, there is the Morikawa residence, listed as an Important Cultural Property. Like the house, the surrounding area is a part of the Takehara townscape Preservation District, so on your visit why not take a relaxing stroll through the city.

-An event where you can try Takehara's traditional craft "Bamboo craft" is also included in this trip.

Required Time

About 8 hours
Number of ParticipantsFrom 1 (Max. [missing {{max}} value] )
Supported LanguagesJapanese
Payment MethodCredit Card (VISA/Mastercard)



Depart from Hiroshima Station Shinkansen exit.


Roadside station Takehara (Takehara townscape Preservation District)

Takehara townscape Preservation District is listed as a National Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Because of this, the cityscape will feel as if you've traveled back in time. Also, enjoy the bamboo cafting experience (Assembly of ready-made parts (approximately 20 minutes required)).

Embark from Takehara Port

Cross to Ohkunojima using the High-Speed Cruises


Due to the 700+ number of rabbits found on various locations on the Island, it is also known as "Rabbit Island", this place is incredibly popular to not only Japanese but to global people as a soul-healing location

Arrive at Takehara Port

Arrive at Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate at 18:00.

Included in the Fee

Buss fee, Guide fee, Boat fee, Bamboo crafting fee

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Items that are not included in the list. (e.g. Lunch cost)

Cancellation Policy

  • 1days prior


-There is a possibility that the route will change. Lunch is not included in the plan.
-Whilst riding, please make sure to fasten your seatbelt. Due to safety concerns, any weather conditions which may be hazardous for driving such as windy rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc., may delay/postpone the trip, with the company's discretion.
-Meeting time/destination will be written on the sheet, and announced when getting off the bus. Please arrive at the designated location on time. If you do not arrive at the location on time, there are instances where the bus will depart without you on board.
-Please note, people with a slight fever and/or people who do not wear masks may not be permitted to use or enter numerous facilities.
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Tour Operator

Chugoku JR Bus Company
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Adult fare(JPY 5,000)
Aged 12 years and above
Children fare(JPY 3,000)
6 years 〜11 years
Unavailable:At the end/beginning of the year.