Diving Experience With Sea Turtles (With Free Underwater Photoshoot)


  • Reservation request
  • Required Time:
  • Time:
    09:00 / 12:00 / 15:00
  • Supported Languages:
1 People
4 People
Payment Method:
Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)
Price(Aged 10 years and above) USD 121.29
Age (Min.):
10 years old
Booking deadline:
4 days prior by 17:00


- Diving Experience With Sea Turtles!
(Experience diving with Sea Turtles in a beautiful sea.)
- A great experience for those who are even new to diving!
(The guide will help you learn to dive.)
- Drysuit winter diving
(Even though the sea is quite warm in winter, drysuits are offered that can be worn over your clothes.)


  • Arrive at the diving shop and register

    Please come to the diving shop according to your reservation time and present the My Page reservation screen at the reception. If you need a pick-up service, please let us know.

  • Explanation and instructions

    The guide will explain how to dive and help you even if you are new to diving.

  • Leave the diving shop

    You will be driven to the diving area.

  • Diving Experience

    First, practice in a place where you can stand up. Then the guide will take you into the sea for about 40 minutes to enjoy diving at your own pace.

  • End of the program

    The program ends after returning to the diving shop for a shower and changing clothes.

Included in the Fee

Experience fee, diving equipment rental, drink (green tea), pick-up service, free underwater photoshoot

Meeting Place

Amami Diving Shop Neverland

1742-1 Kasarichoyo, Amami-shi, Kagoshima

Directions to Nearest StationBy car or shuttle bus
Destination by Taxi:Amami Diving Shop Neverland

Things guests need to prepare on the day of the activity (clothes, belongings, etc.)
Summer ⇒ swimwear, clothing, towel
Winter ⇒ long sleeve shirts, long pants (like sweatshirt or jersey), towel, long socks

Cancellation Policy

The cancel fee is based on the timing of the cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy below.

  • 3days prior
  • 2days prior

[Confirmation of health]
Please be sure to check your medical history beforehand.
If any of the above apply to you, you may need to bring a medical certificate or may not be able to participate. We ask for your cooperation and confirmation for safely playing ocean activities.
Please note that we will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel due to your medical history after arriving at the diving shop, so be sure to check in advance.
check your medical history

- The best time to see sea turtles may change depending on the day.
We will let you know the time when you are most likely to see sea turtles by email we send when your reservation is confirmed.

The chance of seeing sea turtles in Neverland was 91% in 2015, 98% in 2016, and 91% in 2017!
This is because the guides best know when to spot sea turtles.
- Free pick-up service
Please let us know where you are staying at the time of booking, and we will pick you up about an hour before the program starts.
Accommodations: West Court Amami, Hotel New Amami, Guesthouse Ryoufuu, etc. (driving distance must be within 1 hour)

[Measures taken for COVID-19]
- Staff wear masks and face shields when serving customers
- Employee's temperature taken
- Thorough hand-washing and the use of sanitizers by employees
- Regular ventilation in the shop and facility
‐ Disinfection and sanitation in shop
- Installation of alcohol-based sanitizers for visitors
- Temperature check for visitors
- Visitors will be required to wear masks
- Visitors will be required to wash their hands and use sanitizers


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Price(USD 121.29)
Aged 10 years and above
Unavailable:New Year Holidays *From November to February, the 15:00 course will start at 14:00 due to the early sunset.
This item is currently not available.