Kansai-Airport Express HARUKA

The Kansai-Airport Express HARUKA is a convenient and comfortable limited express train that connects Kansai Airport with stations in major cities in Kansai including Tennoji (35 min), Shin-Osaka (50 min), and Kyoto (80 min). Sixty trains (30 round-trips) run every day.
Valid TrainsPurchase before arrivalPurchase after arrival
Kansai Airport Station ←→ Tennoji StationUSD 9.18(USD 3.52OFF)USD 12.71
Kansai Airport Station ←→ Shin-Osaka StationUSD 12.25(USD 5.05OFF)USD 17.3
Kansai Airport Station ←→ Kyoto StationUSD 13.78(USD 7.42OFF)USD 21.2
Kansai Airport Station ←→ Kobe StationUSD 13.01-
Kansai Airport Station ←→ Nara StationUSD 12.25-
Valid Routes
Kansai-Airport Express HARUKA is a one-way ticket that can be used within the valid areas. 2 tickets are required for a round-trip.
This ticket cannot be used for any other limited express trains.
Within the valid areas above, you can board other trains besides Kansai-Airport Express HARUKA, including Shinkansen, Rapid trains, and Local trains.
You can disembark at any station between Kansai Airport and your destination. This ticket is not a pass - you will need to collect this ticket at the ticket gate.
As the ticket is not a pass, it will be collected at the ticket gate.
Additional fares apply when using trains outside the valid areas.
Additional fares will be required for reserved seats or first-class cars on the Kansai-Area Express HARUKA.
  • Available for purchase by non-Japanese passport holders.
    *Not available for Japanese nationals (Including Japanese nationals resident overseas).
  • Those entering Japan as a "Temporary Visitor".
  • "Temporary Visitor" is a status of residence defined under Japanese immigration law.
How to Receive the Pass
  • You will receive a QR code after the purchase.
    • Please confirm on MYPAGE.
    • Please have your confirmation email ready to receive the rail pass.
  • The ticket can be received at the following JR WEST stations.
    • Kyoto Station (West Exit, Subway East and Central Exit), Shin-Osaka Station (Near Higashino Ticket Gate), Osaka Station (Central JR Ticket Office), Tennoji Station (Central Exit), Kansai-Airport Station
  • You will need the QR code and passport to receive the rail pass.
  • Please scan the QR code and passport 1 person at a time.
Sales and Use
  • Rail passes can be purchased throughut the year.
  • Rail passes can be used for consecutive days.
  • Rail passes are valid from 12:00AM
Refunds after Receiving the Pass
  • Refunds: Can be made only where the rail pass is issued/exchanged.
  • Refund Amount: Sales price minus the deduction. (Fee: 10% of the sales prices, minimum of JPY 220)
  • If the rail pass has already been used/expired, it cannot be refunded.
  • Refunds cannot be made due to non-availability of service, delays, etc.
Refunds before Receiving the Pass
  • The order is valid for 3 months. You cannot keep this rail pass for more than 3 months.
  • If you have chosen to receive the rail pass later at the ticket machine, cancellation can be made after ordering.
  • If 100 days have passed after the order without receiving the rail pass, your order will be canceled and the payment will be refunded later.
Related Information
  • The rail pass is valid is for the pass holder only.
  • Please bring your passport for identification for JR station staff when using the rail pass.
  • Lost/stolen rail passes cannot be re-issued.
  • Rail pass usage rules are stipulated by JR WEST Conditions of Carriage and Japanese Law.
  • Rules regarding the use of vouchers are stated in the issuer's rules and contracts.
  • If discrepances arise about Carriage Conditions between the foreign language and Japanese versions, Japanese shall take precedence.