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Tokyo Subway Ticket

Tokyo Subway Ticket
  • Tokyo Subway Ticket
  • Tokyo Subway Ticket
  • Tokyo Subway Ticket
The Tokyo Subway Ticket allows for unlimited rides on the Tokyo Metro (9 lines / 69 stations) and the Toei Subway (4 lines / 31 routes). You can explore popular places around Tokyo including Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Ginza, Ueno, Asakusa, Roppongi and more.
  • Tokyo Subway Ticket
Tokyo Subway Ticket
Valid Period
Number of Passengers

Although the Tokyo Subway Ticket is often sold with other passes or as part of a hotel set, the option of purchasing the ticket only is now available online. Getting a Tokyo Subway Ticket is now much easier than ever before: Just scan the QR code issued to you after purchasing through WAmazing at a subway station ticket machine to collect your Tokyo Subway Ticket.

Tokyo Subway 24hour Ticket
24hAdultUSD 5.85
24hChildUSD 2.92
Tokyo Subway 48hour Ticket
48hAdultUSD 8.78
48hChildUSD 4.39
Tokyo Subway 72hour Ticket
72hAdultUSD 10.98
72hChildUSD 5.49

Valid train lines/stations

Tokyo Metro Map

How to Buy

The ticket can be purchased online. A QR code will be issued on MYPAGE to collect the ticket.

Valid only for visitors to Japan.

Purchases can be made only by credit card (VISA/Mastercard).

Collection Method

  • Pickup Location

A train pass for visitors to Japan that covers Tokyo Metro (69 stations / 9 lines) and Toei Subway (31 stations / 4 lines).

Tokyo MetroTokyo Metro

  • ginza lineGinza
  • marunouchi lineMarunouchi
  • hibiya lineHibiya
  • tozai lineTozai
  • chiyoda lineChiyoda
  • yurakucho lineYurakucho
  • hanzomon lineHanzomon
  • nanboku lineNanboku
  • fukutoshin lineFukutoshin

ToeiToei Line

  • asakusa lineGinza
  • mita linemita
  • shinjyuku lineshinjyuku
  • oedo lineoedo
  • Collection Method

Follow the instructions on the vending machine and scan the QR code issued at the time of purchase to collect your ticket.

  • Select “QR code”.
  • Scan your QR code.
  • Collect your ticket.
  • How to Use

Just insert it into an automatic ticket gate. It is valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours after it is first inserted into an automatic ticket gate.

Tokyo Subway Ticket

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQHow does it differ from the Suica or PASMO card?
FAQSuica and PASMO are prepaid IC cards that do not offer discounted fares. If you plan to get on and off many times per day, the Tokyo Subway Ticket offers better value.
FAQHow many tickets can I buy per order?
FAQYou can buy up to 10 tickets per order.
FAQI cannot purchase the ticket online.
FAQOnline purchases can only be made outside Japan. Tickets are oollected in Japan.
FAQHow long do I have to collect the ticket after purchasing?
FAQThere is no time limit. You can collect the ticket anytime.
FAQCan I cancel a ticket or get a refund?
FAQYou cannnot cancel a ticket or get a refund.
FAQWhat happens if I transfer over to another company’s railway line?
FAQPlease be aware that if you transfer over to another company’s railway line (other than Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines), you will have to settle that fare separately when you get off the train.
FAQWhat happens if the valid period expires while I'm on the train?
FAQAs long as you boarded within the valid period, you can just get off the train even if the valid period has expired.