Enjoy the sunrise all to yourself on board!

Morning fishing experience while viewing the sunrise off Okinawa's east coast!


  • Reservation request
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  • Supported Languages:
2 People
6 People
Min. Participants Required For Activity:
2 People
Payment Method:
Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)
Fee(Aged 7 years and above) USD 101.50
Additional charge for 2 or more persons under 6 years old(0 years 〜6 years) USD 101.50
Free for 1 person under 6 years old(0 years 〜6 years) USD 0.00
Age (Min.):
7 years old
Parent/ Guardian Required:
Under 19 years old
Booking deadline:
4 days prior by 17:00


Enjoy the sunrise to yourself from the boat!

We will set sail before dawn taking full advantage of the east coast of Okinawa by sailing from Yonabaru Marina, the only marina in Okinawa that permits 24-hour sailing. We will enjoy fishings the moon sets, the sun rises, and the sunlight off the east coast reaches over the horizon!

The hour before and after sunrise is when the east coast is a great time for fishing. Try to catch a variety of fish species!

The hour before and after sunrise, known as "Asa Mazume," is the time when fish begin to surface and move around actively!

The fish you catch goes right into the fish tank!

Take it home or to the hotel fresh and enjoy it however you like! The izakaya where the captain works will also prepare and serve it for you.


  • Reception: Yonabaru Marina(Please present the My Page reservation screen at reception.)

    First, let's prepare for the morning fishing by meeting up in front of Yonabaru Marina.

  • Boarding / Departure    

    It's time to set sail before dawn!

  • Observe the sunrise & morning fishing experience

    Begin fishing at the offshore fishing site! Enjoy fishing while you have the sunrise to yourself!

  • Return to marina / Dismissal

    The boat returns before midday! Enjoy the rest of the day!

Included in the Fee

Boating fee, fishing rod fee, bait fee, insurance   

Meeting Place

Yonabaru Marina

70 Agarihama, Yonabaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 901-1304


Nearest StationNaha Airport / Asahibashi Station Naha Bus Terminal

Directions to Nearest StationApproximately 40 minutes by car from the airport / 30 minutes by car from the bus terminal

Destination by TaxiYonabaru Marina

Things guests need to prepare on the day of the activity (clothes, belongings, etc.)

Please wear comfortable clothes and take anti-sickness medicine in advance if you get seasick easily.

Cancellation Policy

The cancel fee is based on the timing of the cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy below.

  • 3days prior
  • on the day


Parking Available:Inside Yonabaru Marina JPY 300

・The boat is scheduled to depart one hour before sunrise. Therefore, the departure time depends on the time of sunrise. Please note that sunrise time may vary depending on the season.
・The tour may be cancelled after the reservation is made due to inclement weather. In such cases, the operator will contact the emergency contact by 3:00PM the day before the tour.
・The tour may be cancelled for safety reasons due to weather conditions on the day of the tour. If the tour is cancelled after the participants arrive at the site, we will not compensate for the travel expenses. Please understand this in advance.
・There is no age limit for children, but we ask that an adult accompanying the child be responsible for the child's safety.
・Pets are not allowed on board (for the sake of other passengers and to ensure safety on the ship).
・Wheelchairs are not allowed on board (due to the structure of the ship and safety reasons).
・Free for one person under 6 years old, but there are additional chargers for two or more persons under 6 years old.

[Language Support]
Body language (Japanese only)
Pointing tool: Available (Traditional Chinese)


Okinawa Uminchu Club

K2 Building, 2-3-1 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0013

Fee(USD 101.50)
Aged 7 years and above
Additional charge for 2 or more persons under 6 years old(USD 101.50)
0 years 〜6 years
Free for 1 person under 6 years old(USD 0.00)
0 years 〜6 years