Study the sake-brewing process at Nagayama Honke Shuzojo to better understand how terroir is part of sake brewing. Enjoy pairing sake with local cuisine in this retro yet modern setting.

A fifth-generation brewer will guide you! "Local Sake & Local Foods" Pairing Activity


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2 People
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Adult(Aged 20 years and above) USD 67.38
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20 years old
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7 days prior by 17:00


This special experience will be led by Takahiro Nagayama, the head brewer and fifth-generation sake brewer.

Takahiro Nagayama will explain and guide you through everything during your visit.

Nagayama Honke Shuzojo incorporates sustainability and terroir into their brewing process.

Witness Nagayama Honke Shuzojo's dedication to brewing sake that incorporates the region's terroir.

In this retro yet modern setting, pair Ube's local sake and cuisine.

The location for the pairing activity is a sake brewery café inside a restored historical government building built in 1928. Sake barrel lids were used to construct the tables.

Enjoy dishes made with local ingredients, with a focus on Ube products

Only here will you be able to experience the limited-edition original menu we created especially for this plan.

Compare 6 types of locally brewed sake

Comparing six local sake varieties, including the "Taka" brand from Nagayama Honke Shuzojo, which is named after the brewery's master brewer, Takahiro Nagayama.


  • Reception on the 1st floor of Nagayama Honke Shuzojo

    The reception is on the first floor of the historical government building built in 1928. Please present your My Page reservation screen at the reception desk.

  • Meet Takahiro Nagayama, the chief brewer and fifth-generation brewer

    He will talk about the Koto River's mineral-rich water and the sake rice he grows, and how they incorporate sustainability and terroir.

  • Tour the sake brewery and facilities

    Takahiro Nagayama will lead you on a guided tour of the brewery and rice fields, explaining the steps involved sake production.

  • Try pairing Ube's local sake and cuisine

    Come and compare locally produced sake from Ube while enjoying local cuisine with Takahiro Nagayama at the Sake Brewery Cafe on the second floor.

  • Take a commemorative photo

    After the photo, say your goodbyes on site. The store on the first floor sells the sake that you tried if you want to bring some home with you.

Included in the Fee

Sake brewery tour fee, guide fee, food, local sake

Not included in the Fee

Fees for additional meals and drinks (if ordered)

Meeting Place

Nagayama Honke Shuzojo Co.,Ltd.

138 Kurumaji, Ube-shi, Yamaguchi 759-0133


Nearest Station(1) JR Koto Station (2) JR Asa Station (3) JR Ube-Shinkawa Station (4) JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station

Directions to Nearest Station(1) Approx. JPY 1,500 by taxi (2) Approx. JPY 6,000 by taxi (3) Approx. JPY 5,500 by taxi (4) Approx. JPY 5,300 by taxi

Distance from Nearest Station(1) Approximately 5 minutes by taxi (2) Approximately 25 minutes by car or taxi (3) Approximately 20 minutes by car or taxi

Destination by TaxiNagayama Honke Shuzojo

Things guests need to prepare on the day of the activity (clothes, belongings, etc.)

Comfortable clothing for walking

Cancellation Policy

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  • The day of use


[Cancellation on the day of the event]
A 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made on the day or without prior notification.

・The tour may be cancelled after the reservation is made due to inclement weather or other reasons. In such cases, the operator will contact the emergency contact by 5:00 p.m. the day before the tour. Please check your e-mail and incoming calls.
・If the event is cancelled due to weather or other reasons on the day of the event, the operator will contact the emergency contact. Please be sure to check your e-mail and incoming calls on the day of the event.
・Please note that we do not accommodate allergies, etc.
・Since there is alcohol served, we do not accept participants under 20 years of age.
・If you are coming by rental car, alcohol cannot be served to the driver.
・Non-alcoholic drinks will be available for those who cannot or do not like to drink alcohol, but there will be no change in the price.
・The brewery doesn't have an elevator. When visiting the brewery and walking up and down to the brewery café on the second floor, kindly use the stairs.
・Food served is subject to change depending on the season.
・Please refrain from bringing in outside food and beverages.
・Please enter the number of guests who want alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the time of reservation.

[Language Supported]
Communication made with translator/translation apps, and simple English.

[Access Information]
Parking Available:Free


Ube Convention & Tourism Bureau

1-6-44 Tokiwacho, Ube-shi, Yamaguchi 755-0031

Adult(USD 67.38)
Aged 20 years and above
Unavailable:December 29 to January 3