Observe the Sushi craftsmanship that has persisted since the Edo period (1603-1868), and savor the seafood from Japan's deepest Suruga Bay.

Sushi Making Class - Shizuoka


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    *Sushi Museum tour (20 min) / Sushi Making Class (30 min) / Meal time (30 min)

  • Time:
    16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00
  • Supported Languages:
2 People
30 People
Min. Participants Required For Activity:
2 People
Payment Method:
1 person USD 19.56
Booking deadline:
7 days prior by 17:00


Let's make the world's one and only luxurious Suruga Bay Sushi set using an abundance of seafood from Suruga Bay!

Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan, is a rich fishing ground, producing many delicious seafoods.

Adults and children alike will be fascinated by the gentle and careful craftsmanship of the sushi chef in front of them! Everyone can become the sushi chef of their dreams!

We provide support not only for nigiri sushi, but also for hand rolls and gunkan-maki, carefully showing a sample in front of you.

The best part of this activity is to enjoy the one and only Suruga Bay sushi set that is freshly "nigiri'd" using fresh seafood.

Including soup and tea! Freshly made sushi using fresh seafood is exceptional.

Foods you don't like can be changed! Vegan sushi sets with plenty of vegetables and other ingredients are also available!

If you inform us in advance of any allergies or foods you have difficulty with, everyone will be able to enjoy the food together.


  • Reception at Dining Place Tairyo Ichiba on the 2nd floor of S-Pulse Dream Plaza

    Please present the My Page reservation screen at the reception desk.

  • Visit to the Shimizu Sushi Museum

    Learn about the origin and history of sushi!

  • Learn the art of sushi craftsmanship

    Shimizu's sushi chef will lecture on how to make and roll sushi right in front of you!

  • Make nigiri sushi

    Practice the techniques you learned from the sushi chef! Use the freshest fish from Suruga Bay for the ingredients and create your own gorgeous sushi set!

  • Savor the sushi set

    The freshly made sushi you made yourself will taste exceptionally delicious! (Tea and soup included)

Included in the Fee

Shimizu Sushi Museum tour fee, Sushi Making Class activity fee (with tea and soup)

Not included in the Fee

Anything not included in the fee

Meeting Place

S-Pulse Dream Plaza 2F, Dining Tairyo Ichiba

13-15 Irifune-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka


Nearest StationJR Shimizu Station *Free shuttle bus service available. Please see Notes for details.

Directions to Nearest StationApproximately 10 minutes by bus

Destination by TaxiS-Pulse Dream Plaza

Cancellation Policy

The cancel fee is based on the timing of the cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy below.

  • After 2 days before date of use


Free shuttle bus service is available from JR Shimizu Station (Minato Exit).
Please check the official S-Pulse Dream Plaza website to confirm the service hours before using the shuttle bus.

- There is no age limit.
- Please note that the contents are subject to change depending on the season and market conditions.

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[Language Support]
Japanese only, but we are familiar with accommodating international visitors.
*English and Chinese speaking staff may be available
*Explanatory videos available (English only).

Parking available (1 hour free / After 1 hour, JPY 200/hour)


Nobuchan Co., Ltd

S-Pulse Dream Plaza, 13-15 Irifune-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka

1 person(USD 19.56)