[Kinosaki Onsen] Meditation & Sutra Copying Experience at Kinosaki Honju-ji Temple


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    10:00 / 13:30
  • Supported Languages:
    Japanese / English
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10 People
Payment Method:
Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)
fee(Aged 10 years and above) USD 8.29
Age (Min.):
10 years old
Booking deadline:
4 days prior by 17:00


- Meditation and Sutra copying experience is becoming more and more popular as an opportunity to visit temples at ease.
- Take a break from everyday life in the grounds of a small and quiet local temple.
- Calm and refresh your mind and heart.


  • Reception

    Please present the My Page reservation screen at the reception.

  • Activity

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Included in the Fee

Goshuin stampbook
Activity fee

Meeting Place

Honju-ji Temple

493-3 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo 669-6101

Nearest StationKinosaki Onsen station
Distance from Nearest StationA 5-minute walk
Destination by Taxi:Honju-ji Temple
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Cancellation Policy

The cancel fee is based on the timing of the cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy below.

  • 3days prior
  • on the day

*Children under 10 years of age may take part if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

[The following measures are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.]
- Staff will wear masks and face shields when with customers.
- Temperature check before staff begin work.
- Thorough hand washing and sanitizing by staff.
- Ventilation of stores and facilities.
- Disinfection of areas that are easily touched by hands and thorough hygiene management.
- Rubbing alcohol provided for customer use.
- Admission restrictions to reduce congestion.
- Temperature check for customers.
- Mandatory mask wearing for customers.
- Hand sanitization for customers.
- Maintaining social distance and keeping seating apart.


Hot spring town Kinosaki

78 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo

fee(USD 8.29)
Aged 10 years and above