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"Akakura Onsen Ski Resort," where you can enjoy onsen and skiing, with slopes for beginners

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October 26, 2020
"Akakura Onsen Ski Resort" is located in the Myoko area, which receives a relatively large amount of snowfall for the Niigata area. It features many courses dotted around with long and wide slopes. There are hardly any courses with steep slopes, and more than half of the courses are for beginners. As almost all of the courses are easy to ski on, it’s famous for the fact that beginner skiers and snowboarders gather from all over the Japan. It’s the perfect ski resort for those who want to practice the basics of skiing thoroughly. "Akakura Onsen Ski Resort" boasts tremendous popularity with beginners. Let’s further look into the allure of this ski resort.

A place where many skiers gather in search of the best snow quality

Jumping skier

The Myoko area, in which "Akakura Onsen Ski Resort" is located, is one of the snowiest areas in Japan. Since new snow will always accumulate during the season, there’s no worry of being unable to ski the courses due to a lack of snow. You can ski down the slopes made of 100% natural snow to your heart’s content!

As it’s located near the sea, the snowfall may feel heavy depending on the temperature and the weather. In such cases, it’s recommended to ski in the upper area of the mountain. The snow quality is the best close to the summit, so it’s wise to change where you ski according to the snow conditions of the day.

Four distinctive slope areas

Ski slope map

Akakura Onsen has four areas: Kumado, Yodel, Chuo, and Ginrei. As the operating companies are different for each area, you’ll be able to enjoy slope courses with a different atmosphere.

The areas that are particularly popular with beginners are Kumado and Yodel. These two often become relatively crowded during peak season because the snow quality is stable and easy to ski on. The "cup soup" at the Yodel Lodge, and the Kumado area's pudding sherbet are popular ski-slope snacks. Be sure to try those when you’re feeling a little hungry.

Meanwhile, the Ginrei slope is known for being a quiet spot. It’s famous for having few people, so it’s a recommended area for those who want to quietly ski in a peaceful environment.

Enjoy a long run during nighttime operation

Nighttime operation

During the peak season, it stays open for nighttime skiing, where you can enjoy a 1,000-meter long course. Although the courses you can ski on are limited, you can ski down the magical slopes illuminated by multiple lights to your heart’s content.

The slope, which is lit up all the way to the end, also offers a top-class view. Because the course width is relatively wide, you don't need to worry about hitting other skiers.

Guests will be happy to hear that, due to the large amount of snowfall, the nighttime ski season continues for a long period. If you want to enjoy nighttime skiing, it’s recommended that you stay overnight and ski at your leisure.

Thoroughly enjoy the old-style onsen town

Old-style onsen town

What you’ll definitely want to enjoy at Akakura Onsen is the traditional onsen town at the foot of the slopes. It’s a historic onsen town that first opened 200 years ago, and it has a retro atmosphere that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

The onsen town has a string of hotels and guest houses, so you can enjoy onsen during your stay or make the rounds through different onsen. As the prices are reasonable overall, it’s recommended that you decide on your accommodation according to your budget and plans.

Enjoy an onsen tour. Walking around the town and sightseeing is also nice. The townscape is so beautiful that simply taking a walk around town is enjoyable. After skiing, please go and enjoy the Akakura onsen town.

A ski resort with excellent access by car

Information center

"Akakura Onsen Ski Resort" is located in the immediate vicinity of "Myoko Kogen Station," located about 40 minutes by train from Nagano Station. If accessing by train, head to Nagano station on the Shinkansen. From there, change to the Shinano Railway for a 40-minute train ride. Using the free shuttle bus from Myoko Kogen Station, you can arrive at the ski slopes in about eight minutes.

If accessing by car, it takes about eight minutes by car from the "Myoko Kogen Interchange". The roads are easy to understand and there are few difficulties, so people who are accustomed to driving on snow roads can also access the resort by car.

Because the Myoko area does not have excellent access, it’s recommended that you plan to stay overnight and thoroughly enjoy your skiing. As there are many onsen towns and sightseeing spots, you can fully enjoy the various charm of Akakura Onsen.

A ski resort overflowing with a familiar retro atmosphere

Full view of the slopes

Akakura Onsen is an old-fashioned ski resort where you can enjoy skiing and onsen to your heart's content. The facilities are notably old in some places, but it’s also a slope visited en masse by skiers who say that, "It’s what makes it all the more approachable and fun!"

Because the onsen town spreads out at the foot of the slopes, it’s also easy to go sightseeing, so whether you are alone or with your family, you can enjoy playing in the snow to your heart's content.

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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