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[Tips for Choosing Ski Wear] Tips on finding a skiwear that makes you look good!

A ski trip can be more fun with a stylish ski wear. You will find yourself wa...
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[Tohoku Iwate] Ski in Hachimantai Area and Enjoy Winter to the Fullest

Hachimantai, a national park and a vast mountainous area created by many volc...
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Appi, Geto, ShizukuishiIwate Prefecture

When is the best time to enjoy skiing in Japan? Here’s a summary of the characteristics of each season

“I’d like to go skiing in Japan, but what’s the best time to go?” For peopl...
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Furano, Asahikawa, TomamuSaitama PrefectureNagano PrefectureHokkaido Prefecture

A must see for beginner skiers! The basic knowledge you need to have fun in the snow in Japan

In recent years, you often see foreign tourists at ski resorts. In a "Ranking...
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Furano, Asahikawa, TomamuHokkaido Prefecture

Great access from Haneda or Narita! 4 excellent ski resorts close to Tokyo

Tokyo can be called the gateway to Japan, but did you know that there are als...
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Minakami, Oze, NumataGunma PrefectureNiigata PrefectureNagano Prefecture

Perfect for day trips from Kansai International Airport! Check out these 3 conveniently accessible ski resorts!

Kansai International Airport - the airport with the easiest access from East ...
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Lake BiwaShiga PrefectureHyogo Prefecture

Just one hour out of Tokyo! The “Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort” offers the perfect one-day ski trip

The “Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort (GALA YUZAWA)” located in Yuzawa, Niigata Prefec...
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Yuzawa, Naeba, MuikamachiNiigata Prefecture

Just one hour from Osaka and Kyoto! Enjoy the Lake Biwa scenery at Hakodateyama Ski Resort

The Hakodateyama Ski Resort is famous as being a ski resort that’s close to K...
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Lake BiwaShiga Prefecture

Introducing seven of the most popular, most recommended ski resorts in the Yuzawa Area, each with easy access!

The Yuzawa Area is easily accessed from Tokyo and offers quality snow, provid...
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Yuzawa, Naeba, MuikamachiNiigata Prefecture

Visit Snow Resorts in Niigata For a Quintessential Japanese Winter Experience! Introducing Ski Resorts, Accommodations, and Culinary Delicacies

Niigata Prefecture is located north of Tokyo, facing the Sea of Japan. In win...
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Yuzawa, Naeba, MuikamachiNiigata Prefecture

Immerse Yourself in Nature! 6 Ski Resorts Recommended for Backcountry Skiing in the Tohoku Region

Enjoy backcountry tours in a vast natural setting and glide down ungroomed sn...
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ZaoAomori PrefectureIwate PrefectureMiyagi Prefecture

[2022-2023 Season Latest Info] Special Feature on Ski Slopes in the Tohoku Region! 5 Ski Resorts Recommended for Beginners & Non-Skiers

The Tohoku region is a skier’s paradise with nearly 100 ski resorts. We have ...
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Aizu / BandaisanIwate PrefectureFukushima Prefecture

[Japan’s Tohoku Region] Five Best Places to Visit in the Winter to Enjoy the Snow and Local Cuisine

Tohoku is a fantastic location to experience the Japanese winter and snow. At...
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TazawakoAomori PrefectureMiyagi PrefectureAkita Prefecture

Experience the 'Satoyama' Life of Yamagata Zao! Farm Tours and a Visit to the 'Snow Monsters'

The Yamagata Zao area is famous for its "snow monsters," frost-covered trees ...
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ZaoYamagata Prefecture

Hot Springs and Snowy Sights in the Winter Wonderland of Tohoku

The Tohoku region is a treasure trove of some of the most beautiful natural s...
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ZaoIwate PrefectureAkita PrefectureYamagata Prefecture

The best places for kids to try skiing and snowboarding in Tohoku!

The Tohoku region in the north of Japan is renowned for the abundance and qua...
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Appi, Geto, ShizukuishiIwate PrefectureMiyagi PrefectureYamagata Prefecture

[2021 Version] Bringing new technology for smooth and convenient fun and thrills at Tohoku ski resorts

The mountains of the Tohoku region are always covered with the finest snow du...
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ZaoIwate PrefectureMiyagi PrefectureYamagata Prefecture

Enjoy all that Gujo has to offer! Introducing the GUJO Multi-Resort Pass and Recommended Sightseeing Spots!

The Gujo area, located in the center of Gifu Prefecture, is a charming touris...
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Hida, Takayama, WashigatakeGifu Prefecture

From Secluded Hot Spring to Resorts and Cities: Memorable Snow and Hot Spring Trips in Tohoku!

Located in the northeastern part of Honshu (Japan's main island), the Tohoku ...
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TazawakoMiyagi PrefectureAomori PrefectureAkita Prefecture

Wonderful powder snow of Tohoku for Advanced Skiers to Enjoy!

The Tohoku region, located in the northernmost part of mainland Honshu, exper...
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Appi, Geto, ShizukuishiAomori PrefectureIwate PrefectureMiyagi Prefecture

Snow Resorts in Tohoku Perfect for Families!

During winter, there is a high demand for ski resorts for people to be able t...
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Appi, Geto, ShizukuishiIwate PrefectureMiyagi PrefectureFukushima Prefecture

Aizu, a Snow and Ski Haven on the Doorstep of Tokyo!

The Aizu area in Fukushima Prefecture can be reached from Tokyo via the Shink...
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Aizu / BandaisanFukushima Prefecture

Directions to Travel Inn Bus Terminal - From Shinjuku Station West Entrance to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Oversized Vehicle Parking Lot

Here are the directions to Travel Inn Bus Terminal (Tokyo Metropolitan Govern...
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Must Haves for Girls! 8 Items You Should Bring Skiing or Snowboarding.

If you are skiing in Japan for the first time, you maybe wondering what you ...
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Kamui Ski Links, a Best-Kept Secret Resort in Hokkaido.

Kamui Ski Links a large ski area located in Asahikawa City known for the popu...
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Furano, Asahikawa, TomamuHokkaido Prefecture