"Grandeco Snow Resort" - Family-oriented slopes with mainly gentle-gradients

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March 26, 2018
Located in the innermost area of Urabandai, the "Grandeco Snow Resort" is known for having ski slopes with gentle gradients for beginner skiers. You can enjoy the outstanding landscape surrounded by beech forest on the slopes, which were created in a way to preserve the natural landscape. The sophisticated placement of the gondolas and lifts means that you can get around the various courses comfortably. It’s a ski resort that is endorsed by families because of the abundance of beginner courses. This time, I would like to talk about the amazing aspects of the "Grandeco Snow Resort."

A slope for beginners surrounded by beech forest

The ski slopes

There are 13 courses in total. At first glance, it appears to be a vertically long and compact slope, but when you actually ski it down, you’ll find there are hardly any steep slopes. Most of the courses have gentle gradients, making it the perfect ski slope for learning and practicing the basics of skiing.

At 1590 meters, the maximum elevation is surprisingly high up, and the resort boasts the highest altitude in the Urabandai area. As snow cover is also perfect, you could also visit just for the powdery snow. However, since it’s a slope structure surrounded by a beech forest, the overall course width is narrow. It’s not recommended for those who want to experience a dynamic course.

Enjoy a 4,000-meter long course

A flat slope

Since there’s a 4,500-meter course which you can ski down from near the top of the mountain, even beginners can enjoy an exhilarating long-run with confidence. It can be a little tough for snowboarders because there are many flat slopes, however it’s a fantastic location for skiers who can enjoy the long course.

There are also many areas where you can enjoy the magnificent views of Urabandai, so another feature is that there are many photogenic spots along the way. There’s no doubt that skiing down the wide open course will leave you with an outstanding skiing experience.

Comfortable lifts

The arrangement of the lifts connecting popular courses have a reputation for being extremely convenient and very easy to use. The luxurious ski lifts are all fitted with hoods and footrests, so you can ride them with peace of mind all the way to the summit, where temperatures can drop quickly.

The carrying capacity of the gondola lift is also quite high, and it’s a fun place where even large groups can play free of stress. However, it may take some time before you can go up on crowded weekends. In such cases, you can either transfer to a high-speed lift and go up or purchase a priority boarding pass that is sold in limited quantities early in the morning.

Accommodation facilities

The accommodation facility near the slopes, "Hotel Grandeco." Because access by rail is inconvenient, it’s recommended that you spend the night there. Guests can enjoy priority boarding of the gondola lifts, so you can have fun while avoiding congestion.

The interior decor of the hotel and surrounding facilities is luxurious, and many reviews say that "one of the attractions of Grandeco is that you can enjoy the stylish atmosphere." It can be said that it’s the perfect environment for couples and families to enjoy a leisurely resort stay.

A Kids’ Park the whole family can enjoy

Snow Escalator

The Kids’ Park is divided into four areas, and there is a wide variety of activities. It’s full of spots where adults and children can enjoy themselves together, such as a 120-meter long toboggan slope, snow rafting, and even buggy cycling!

The Kids’ Park costs extra, but as a place that can be enjoyed by families, it’s a top-class facility. It has been renovated and is well equipped with facilities such as a snow escalator. For those of you who want to create special memories with your children, it’s definitely worth visiting once.

Bread bowl stew

If you want to enjoy a ski slope snack, I recommend the "Cafeteria" at the ski center. Since it’s a large capacity facility, seating 450, it’s relatively easy to enter, even during crowded seasons if you avoid peak times. There’s a host of popular items on the menu, such as the Sangenton pork tonkatsu meal set and bread bowl stew.

The menu at the "Buna Buna" skyline restaurant close to the summit is highly rated, and the famous "Skyline Stone Oven Pizza" is an exquisite dish you will want to try once. Please enjoy the authentic pizzas with a rich variety of toppings.

Kids going to the kids’ school

As it’s located in the hinterlands of Urabandai, it’s a little difficult to access by car. The roads tend to be in rough conditions, especially when it’s snowing, and it’s recommended that you use the shuttle bus unless you are accustomed to driving on snowy roads.

Because there is a direct shuttle bus from the parking lot on the way, it would be a good idea to park your car in the parking lot and take the bus from there.

Access by train is even worse, and it’s not recommended because it takes about 3 to 4 hours, including getting on the bus, from the metropolitan area.

A beginner slope with a reputation for its great atmosphere

Well, what do you think about "Grandeco Snow Resort"?

There are many gentle slope courses for beginners and the atmosphere at the slope facilities is nice, making it the perfect slope for couples and families to enjoy themselves. It also has a reputation for good placement of lifts, which allows visitors to enjoy skiing efficiently. Access is somewhat inconvenient, but it’s a popular spot where many skiers visit each year in search of top-class snow quality.

If you'd like to create memories in the wonderful snow with your family, please come and visit "Grandeco Snow Resort"!

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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