Maiko Snow Resort, a great option for both a day trip or short stay

October 31, 2022
The Maiko Snow Resort boasts great access in the Niigata/Yuzawa area. Due to being situated about 1km from the Shiozawa Ishiuchi Interchange, you can get there easily by any means of transportation - car, train, or bus. Though its a highly convenient ski resort that’s earned the backing of many day trip skiers, lately they’ve been aggressively trying to attract more short stay skiers. Whether you’re here for a day trip or a short stay, the Maiko Snow Resort lets you fully enjoy the snow, and we’d like to introduce some of its good points here.

Slopes composed of beginner-oriented courses

Excellent expansive slope scenery
One of the characteristics of this slope is that with a total of 26 courses, it’s quite a large-scale slope despite being in the Yuzawa area. From beginners courses for practice purposes, to courses with non-compacted snow that the advanced can sink their teeth into, there are plenty of uniqe courses! Overall, there are plenty of gentle inclines, so beginners can ski without difficulty on many of the courses.

The slope is divided up into the Maiko, Nagamine, and Okusoechi areas, with each having its own distinct flavor.

The Maiko Area, with many kids-oriented courses

Skiers having fun together with their kids

The Maiko Area is located on the flat slope at the base of the mountain, said to be a treasure trove for beginners. There are 14 courses in total, most of which are beginner-oriented.

We would like to recommend the Paradise Course and the Kinder Course. They’re attractive courses with gentle slopes and scenic views, making it easy for beginners to practice slowly.

Since there’s a concentration of beginner-oriented courses, it tends to get crowded on the weekend with beginner skiers and groups taking lessons. If you take the lift, you can go to the upper slope which sometimes frees up, so if things are crowded try changing to another course.

Enjoy a 6,000-meter Long Run in the Nagamine Area

Snowboarder performing a jump on the Maiko Slope

The Nagamine area’s 5 courses may feel a bit compact, but each vast course gives you a great travel distance. This is the perfect location for beginner and intermediate skiers who want to want to experience a really fab gliding sensation. Also, there’s a kids park in the nearby area, with sleds and play equipment for no-holds-barred snow enjoyment.

Skiers enjoying the powder snow

The Okusoechi Area is where you’ll find the most difficult courses at Maiko Snow Resort. There’s also a non-compacted snow zone, where you can enjoy powder snow when it snows.

Of the 8 courses, more than half are difficult courses geared towards advanced skiers. Perfect for those who want to enjoy outstanding scenery, or those looking to take on a thrilling course.

Greatest location for enjoying day trip skiing by car

Day Ski Center

The resort is just 1km from the Shiozawa Ishiuchi Interchange, putting it in the top class for convenient access in the Yuzawa area. Compared to the excellent railroad access of Gala Yuzawa, it’s more convenient and easier to go here by car.

Since you can get there directly without having to worry about train timetables, it’s easy to include in your travel plans. If you’re thinking of a ski day trip by car, the Maiko Snow Resort is one of the greatest options available.

The day trip ski center is fully equipped with restaurants, sales shops, rental shops, free rest areas, and nap rooms. There's also an onsen jointly installed, so you can rest your tired body and then be on your way home.

With an emphasis on attracting day trip visitors, the facilities overall are clean and pleasant. It has a reputation for convenience. With one lift ticket you can enjoy skiing up until nighttime, so it boasts a high level of satisfaction for one-day skiing.

Overnight plans? No worries

Hotel rooms

We recommend staying the night for those who prefer to take their time skiing and sightseeing, rather than a day trip. The two hotels near the slope are the Maiko Kogen Hotel and the Maiko Kogen Lodge. Both offer great access to the slope, so you can be enjoying skiing in no time.

The Maiko Kogen hotel is a luxury hotel where you can enjoy a quiet resort stay. With the breakfast buffet and high-quality dinner, we recommend this for those who want to enjoy their time leisurely.

On the other hand, the Maiko Kogen Lodge is a reasonably priced common lodge. Its perfect if you’d like to enjoy a lively time together with your family or in a group.

Hotel night scenery

If you don’t need to be close to the slope, your lodging options will expand. If you go out from the ski resort a bit, the onsen accommodations and guesthouses in Yuzawa are all lined up, so if you'd like to enjoy some sightseeing too, we recommend staying in this area.

A large-scale snow resort, highly satisfying as a day trip or short stay!

Skiers enjoying the snow as a family

Excellent access, large slopes in all 3 areas, and a number of great facilities for both day trips and short stays. Maiko Snow Resort is a large-scale resort where you can find everything for enjoying some snow activities in Japan.

There are plenty of courses beginners can casually enjoy, so if you want to experience gliding on an authentic slope, definitely try giving this place a visit!

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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