Hakuba Valley Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park - a full array of world-class terrain park items!

April 08, 2021
Hakuba Valley Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park is the only ski resort with this extensive of a collection of terrain park items. This ski resort is extremely popular amongst snowboarders, with its 20-meter jumps, world-class half-pipes, and more. Every year, snowboarders from all over the world come to test their skills at this park, which is unique in that is boasts both the variety and quality of their terrain park items.

Geared towards intermediate-level skiers, with a lot of steep, thrilling slopes

Map of courses
Compared to the Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort located right nearby, this ski resort has courses that are more narrow and windy, and hence more difficult. Though they only offer eight courses, which isn’t very many, they offer a lot of variety, and the steepness of the slopes will allow you to have some thrilling runs.

Route 1
A course that is particularly favored is Route 1, which goes non-stop all the way from around the summit to the base of the mountain. This is a long-distance course that runs a total of 2,500 meters, with a lot of variety, and is known for being just the right amount of slope for intermediate-level skiers. The snow is properly compacted, meaning the slopes are easy to ride down, and you’ll see the magnificent scenery of the Hakuba Area stretching out in front of you.

It can be tough for beginners, since there isn’t an alternate route, but if you’re used to steep slopes and want a bit of a challenge, we definitely recommend this course.

Course configuration that makes up for each resort’s deficiencies

Full view of the slopes
This ski resort connects to the nearby Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort near the summit. Though Hakuba47 boasts a wide variety of terrain park items, it doesn’t have very many courses. Hakuba Goryu makes up for this with its diverse array of courses. There’s a gondola lift that runs from the Hakuba Goryu side of the summit, so those who are afraid of skiing down the courses can head to the lower half of the slope on the gondola lift.

World-class terrain park items

Inside the terrain park
Hakuba47 is most well known for its wide variety of terrain park items. A high-level team of professional snowboarders in Japan is in charge of designing the terrain park items. There are more types of terrain park items available here than in any other ski resort in the country, by a wide margin - from half-pipes to jumps to kickers, rails, and boxes.

The terrain park items are offered in varying difficulties to make it fun for everybody - from beginners to advanced-level snowboarders. There are also smaller items placed along the routes to make them more interesting, and just a well-designed experience all around. The best terrain park in Japan designed to be cool and playful. This is a snowboarder’s heaven. Definitely visit if you’re looking to brush up some techniques!

Amazing kiln-fired pizzas you’ll want to try at least once

The outside of the Pizza House
The ski slope cuisine we recommend at Hakuba47 are the kiln-fired pizzas at Pizza House Luis. This is an ultra-famous restaurant that has been in the top five of the “Shinshu Champion Choice Menu Battles,” which ranks the best restaurants located in ski resorts in Nagano Prefecture, for four years in a row. The kiln-fired pizza, fired until piping hot and crisp, is the product of a pizza house that prides itself on authenticity. This place is adored by many skiers.

Mushroom pizza, a popular menu item
Another perk is that these many of the menu items - from the Shinshu miso mushroom pizza to the teriyaki chicken pizza - make liberal use of local Shinshu area ingredients. It does get very crowded around lunchtime, however, since it’s so famous. If you want to try it out, try going around the afternoon or later, when it’s not as crowded.

Our recommendation - get there by highway express bus

The parking lot
The Hakuba Area itself is in a location that’s slightly difficult to get to, and so we recommend that you relax and stay overnight for this ski trip. There’s a highway express bus that leaves from Shinkansen Nagano Station. Using the Shinkansen, then getting on the highway expressway bus, is the most stress-free way to get there.

There are also highway express buses that go directly from the Tokyo metropolitan area to the ski resort. Hop on one of these in the morning and you’ll get there around lunchtime. We recommend this for people who have a lot of luggage, like their own snowboards and ski wear.

It’s also good to get there by rental car, but just remember to have studless snow tires, on since you’ll be driving on snowy roads. Though this ski resort is adjacent to Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort, the parking lot for Hakuba47 is less crowded. The parking lot at Hakuba Goryu tends to get quite full, so if you want to stay for multiple nights and enjoy both ski resorts, we recommend you park your car at the Hakuba47 parking lot. The parking lot is free.

A must-visit location for snowboarders looking to brush up their techniques!

Ski School
Unlike Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort, which is marketed as a large-scale snow resort that anybody can enjoy, Hakuba47 places its emphasis on having as many facilities for snowboarders as possible. There are all kinds of items available here, and regardless of your level of experience - a beginner that’s just starting out or an experienced snowboarder looking to try out difficult tricks - you’re bound to have a lot of fun.

Combine this ski resort with the Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort next to it, and this is a humongous ski resort that you can enjoy any way you want! Try brushing up your skills here at this hottest of snowboarding hot spots.

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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Nov. 15th to May 7th
Longest run distance6,400 m
Maximum gradient32 °
Longest run6,400 m
Maximum32 °

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