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Ski in natural snow! Togari Onsen Ski Resort has many non groomed slopes and offer varieties within its 3 areas.

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June 25, 2020
Togari Onsen Ski Resort is a large ski area near Shiozawa Onsen located in north-eastern region of Nagano Prefecture. The resort consists of 3 areas. Pegasus and Orion are on the foothills and Tonpei on top of the mountain. This is one of the biggest ski resorts in Nagano totalling in 100 hectares (247 acres) in space!

3 areas making one large ski resort

View from the mountain top

Togari Onsen Ski Resort consists of 3 areas, Pegasus, Orion and Tonpei providing many different courses. It take more than just a day to conquer all courses the resort offers.

This resort satisfies all level skiers from the beginner to advanced varity of choice including powder snow and non groomed run. Free shuttle runs between 3 areas so moving from one to another is easy.

We will go over the characteristics of 3 areas.

Aarea 1 "Orion", a beginner-friendly area with hot springs nearby

Slope with many beginner skiers

The base area is directly connected to hot spring village so you can choose to enjoy hot springs instead of skiing. There are hotels closeby, so this area is convenient.

Orion provides courses for all ski levels so all family members can enjoy. Inside Kids Park, there is a kids-only slope and children can try snowshoes too.

There are many lifts, so the area never gets too crowded. This area is recommended for families or skiers who want to stay around the base area.

Area 2 "Pegasus", a dynamic course

Good view from a slope

Pegasus area is on the opposite side of Orion. It has many broad slopes offering dynamic ski experience. Facing the hot springs village, you can go soak yourself in a warm hot spring right after skiing.

There is a beginner-only practice area so you can ski in this area if you don't feel comfortable skiing in a regular course. You can also join in a free ski lesson offered in the area.

Area 3 "Tonpei", natural snow on top of the mountain

Glade skiing course

Tonpei area spreads over summits of two mountains. Slopes in this area are very steep with non compacted snow making them mostly only recommendable to the advanced skiers. If you are the first to ski that day, you will have the untouched-snow runs all to yourself.

This area offers a super advanced run used for mogul skiing and slopes for glade skiing and tree skiing. Highly recommendable for thrill-seekers! You will get a kick out of skiing down those slopes.

Kick your skiing up a notch in un-compacted snow!

Skier enjoying powder snow

The most attractive aspect of Togari Onsen Ski Resort is the powder snow and ungroomed slopes! They provide both in 6 out of 18 courses which is hard to find even in Japan ski resorts.

Conditions of the ungroomed runs change day to day, but they constantly have snowfalls as they are higher up the summit. Especially on the day after a heavy snow fall, slopes get crowded by advanced skiers who want to enjoy the powder snow.

This resort is known to be less crowded, so you can savor the beauty of untouched nature.

Plenty of hotel options available

Hotels and B&Bs in the foothills

Two ski areas are directly connected to the ski lodge village, so it is recommended that you at least spend an night or few over and enjoy the resort.

Every snow area has hot springs allowing you to fully enjoy skiing, hot springs and sightseeing. There are lots of accommodation options too.

A stroll through a chic and traditional hot spring village may also be a good plan!

Restaurants offering good affordable menu

Curry with deep friend pork served at Rest House

Both Pegasus and Orion areas offer plenty of meals at affordable prices. Many of them serve their menu in a big portion sizes so you get good value for the price you pay, plus you won't have to sacrifice the taste as the food is tasty too.

Our pick is a curry & rice with deep fried pork served at Hoshi Furu Restaurant. A crispy friend pork on top of curry sauce & rice makes a generous portion of meal which will perk up your tired body from staying out in the cold. Miyuki pork plate is another popular menu. Any restaurant you decide to walk in, you will find something tasty.

Each of 3 ski areas has its own rest house, so you will have a place to rest anywhere you go in this resort. Kogen Warabi Shokudo is the biggest cafeteria in Togari Onsen. The restaurant is located close to the summit, so on a sunny day if you are lucky, you get to have a meal with a splendid view.

30 minute bus ride from nearest train station

A beginner slope with fewer people

Get on the Hokuriku Shinkansenfrom and head to Iiyama Station. Train ride is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. From Iiyama Station, take a bus and you will be at the resort area within 30 minutes.

You should plan a night or two in this area to fully enjoy the resort. If you are planning a day trip, there are many better options.


Snowboarders taking photo

Togari Onsen Ski Resort is a large ski resort offering many slopes with un-compacted snow and slopes with different features. It is farily a less crowded resort which the locals call a secret spot. Getting there is not easy but if you plan to spend a night or more, we recommend it. You maybe able to have the powder snow all to yourself!

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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