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Enjoy a Large-Scale Ski Slope! Introducing the Charms of the Appi Kogen Ski Resort!

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June 25, 2020
The Appi Kogen Ski Resort is located in a particularly harsh climate, even for Iwate Prefecture. The snow quality, ski slope width, and course variations of this ski resort are all widely talked about as being top-class in Honshu. The finest powder snow created by that blessed environment known as the mountain northern slope is captivating a lot of skiers. This snow resort is also easily accessible from the metropolitan areas. Let’s take a closer look at the charms of the Appi Kogen Ski Resort.

The highest class of snow quality, “aspirin snow,” can only be experienced here!

Aspirin snow at the Appi Kogen Ski Resort

The Appi Kogen Ski Resort is situated in a blessed location, located on a northern mountain slope at the 40th parallel north. As the region’s altitude reaches heights of 1,300m with extremely low temperatures, the snow quality boasts considerable stability.

The snow is very tightly packed, making it rare for the course to collapse even after many skiers have traversed it. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is a place where you can experience fluffy powder snow that rivals that of Hokkaido.

In particular, the snow of Appi Kogen is called “aspirin snow” due to its extremely small amounts of moisture, which gives it a smooth quality. The snow quality is so good, that it’s difficult to make snowballs without adding water. This is the greatest charm to be experienced in Honshu!

Enjoy a Large-Scale Ski Slope

The large-scale slope of the Appi Kogen Ski Resort

Features a 282 hectare total slope area! The maximum gliding distance of 5,500m make this a very large slope. You would be hard-pressed to find as many large-scale ski resorts like this in Japan.

The resort also features a numerous 21 courses. Each course is carefully made, and with an average runway distance of 2,100m nearly all the courses are considerably long. The standard courses, with tightly compacted frozen snow, are very popular for their smooth slides! Together with the great quality of the snow, there are those who might say “it makes me feel like my skills have leveled up a notch.”

This slope meets all three conditions of a great place to ski: good snow quality, good maintenance, and good courses. However, as the course difficulty level is a bit high, it might be intimidating for a first-time beginner skier. There is a long course where beginners can ski from the summit all the way down to the base, which is recommended for those who wish to warm up before getting serious in their skiing.

Course Facilities, Which Can Only be Described as Fully-Realized

Slopes with fully-realized course facilities

2 long-distance gondola lifts extend from the base of the mountain for practical travel between courses, making for smooth movement within the slopes. The slopes are also equipped with many lifts, increasing freedom of course selection. The gondolas and ski lifts are rarely congested, and the majority of skiers report that it’s a comfortable ride to the summit.

After reaching the summit, skiers can choose to go down either the left or right course in accordance with their mood. Ski down the long course from the summit as many times as you like. Ski down your favorite course using the lift as you like. It’s an easy-sliding slope with easily-selectable courses.

Carefully Check the Weather and Prepare for the Cold

The weather often becomes bad in proportion to the quality of the snow. During the season, the clear weather rate stays around 30%, and frequent blizzards are a definite disadvantage.

In anticipation of this, experienced skiers often ski in complete cold-prevention gear. Though visibility will inevitably degrade, the course is wide and the branching is easy to understand, so it is not really a problem. The primary thing to be concerned about is the cold. Prepare thick winter clothes, to be ready for whenever a snowstorm blows in.

Over 200 variations of foods to be found on the slopes!

Slope meals at Appi Kogen Ski Resort

Due to their deliciousness, the slope meals are very popular among frequent skiers, so much so that they’re even called “the Appi slope meals.” You’ll find plenty of varieties, such as ramen, curry, pasta, pizza, and beef tongue set meals. You can also enjoy crepes for dessert.

Ramen and curry are particularly popular menu items. Ramen lovers will definitely want to try out the fine items featured at Hachimantai White, which can be found at the “Red House” halfway up the slope. The roast pork cutlet curry at Curry Studio Masala is also very popular.

Curry Studio Masala’s roast pork cutlet curry

It’s rare to see a slope where so many people rate the food favorably. We recommend giving it a try for yourself if you stop by.

Located for Excellent Access, Particularly from Metropolitan Areas

The resort is primarily accessible by car, 15km from the Tohoku Expressway Matsuo Hachimantai Interchange. For those opting for travel by train, it’s 50 minutes by bus from the Tohoku Shinkansen Morioka Station. From Tokyo Station, it can be reached in as short as 5 hours, making it a relatively easily accessible slope considering the distance.

It’s also accessible by airplane from Hanamaki Airport, but as the airfare is expensive, and there aren’t many flights, we can’t really say it’s a convenient travel method. From Tokyo it’s possible to enjoy a 1 night stay, but more than 2 nights is best for enjoying all the resort has to offer. This resort is one that you won’t tire of even after staying for several days - and its reputation upholds this.

Many Convenient Hotels on the Slope Side

Appi Kogen Ski Resort’s lodging facilities

If you’d like to stay consecutive nights to enjoy a relaxing skiing experience, then we highly recommend staying at the Hotel Appi Grand Main Building! The slopes will be right before your eyes, and you’ll have excellent access to the surrounding facilities.

However, as the hotel is pretty pricey, if you’d like to keep your accommodation costs down the best thing is to utilize one of the surrounding boardinghouses or inns. Fortunately, aside from hotels there are plenty of accommodation facilities, giving you plenty of options.

A Ski Resort for Enjoying the Highest Level of Snow Quality in Honshu is Priceless

If you’re planning on visiting a ski resort from the Iwate area, definitely come to the Appi Kogen Ski Resort, where you can experience snow quality that rivals that of Hokkaido!

The slope size, snow quality, maintenance frequency, and access are among the very best that Honshu has to offer. Although not quite as well known compared to other ski resorts, its potential specifications definitely surpass all other resorts.

The only drawbacks are the poor clear weather rate and the low temperatures that come with it. If you have plans to come and ski, be sure to be well-prepared with your cold-prevention gear. Aside from that, there aren’t any other drawbacks, making this the perfect ski resort for your resort stay.

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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