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Looking for a fulfilling snow experience? Take a look at Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Ski Resort

April 08, 2021
Hokkaido is famous as one of the best places in Japan where you can enjoy powder snow. Out of the choices available throughout the prefecture, we recommend Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Ski Resort to people eager to enjoy everything from skiing to a resort experience. It’s a place where you can make lasting memories with your family, or spend some special moments with your significant other. No matter what you’re after - this is what makes Tomamu Ski Resort the place to visit for all winter holiday-goers.

So what is Tomamu Resort?

Complete map of Tomamu Resort

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu is one of the best snow resorts located in inland Hokkaido. Located inside a total of 4 high-rise residential type hotels are facilities for enjoying a variety of diverse snow activities.

The resort’s slopes boast an impressively large 255 hectares of surface area. Although located inland, due to the region having a low atmospheric temperature, the snow quality is amongst the best in the prefecture. And with clear and sunny days making up more than 70% of the weather, you can enjoy the slopes in truly optimal conditions.

There are also numerous events other than skiing, such as the Ice Village, where you can experience a world of ice at -30 degrees, and the Terrace of Frost Trees, where you can enjoy the views of a white snow-covered world reaching as far as the eye can see. This is truly a place where you can experience the best snow activities there are on offer.

29 courses in all, for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers!

Tomamu Ski Resort courses

The greatest appeal of Tomamu Ski Resort would have to be its vast mountain slopes created from Hokkaido’s breathtaking natural landscape. 29 types of courses are prepared in all (1 complete beginner course, 10 beginner courses, 14 intermediate courses and 10 advanced courses), so you’ll be able to choose a slope with a level of difficulty that matches your skiing ability and experience.

Each course has its own personality: for example, “Forest Maze” is a thrilling ski course through the forest, and “Silver Bell” is a long course stretching over 3 kilometers. You won’t find yourself getting bored with what’s on offer.

“Slopestyle” at the resort

“Slopestyle” is the only ski slope within Hokkaido that has ski lanes divided by difficulty level. Here, those that want to try jumping or practicing their skills can do so to their heart’s content. Safety is also taken into careful consideration.

Did we mention the plentiful activities such as sledding and snowboarding that are also on offer? There really is a lot to experience! There’s also a free-ski area limited to advanced skiers, but you must register and listen to a lecture about how to ski safely before using it.

Now to the Snow Academy where complete beginners can learn the basics of skiing

Tomamu Resort Snow Academy

Even visitors to the resort thinking, “This is my first time to even see snow, so will I really be able to ski properly?” can feel at ease. At Tomamu Ski Resort, group lessons are prepared where you can practice skiing at your own level. Guides who are experts in Hokkaido snow will instruct you with friendly, detailed explanations. A wide variety of options are available, from women-only practice sessions to special lessons for children.

Plenty of rental skiboards and skiwear!

The rental shop at Tomamu Resort

Stocking items from Atomic, one of the top brands in the ski world, the quality of the rental goods on offer at Tomamu Resort is amongst the very best. You can rent skis and snowboards set optimally to easily ski on the characteristic slopes of Tomamu.

Smaller items such as hats and gloves, however, are always sold as new, as the resort wishes to provide them to visitors in a clean, untouched condition. (You can take them home too, of course!) Everything from ski wear to goggles is rentable, so those that want to come empty-handed needn’t fret: Tomamu Ski Resort provides you with all the necessary items to ensure a great skiing experience.

Many delightful spots to be found off the ski slopes too!

Tomamu has more going for it than just skiing. Trying various snow games, taking in the breathtaking mountain scenery, and experiencing snow activities that you can’t find anywhere else...it’s no stretch to say that there are truly an unlimited number of ways to enjoy the resort, but here are some that we especially recommend.

Enjoy the winter scenery at the Terrace of Frost Trees

Complete map of the Terrace of Frost Trees

At the Terrace of Frost Trees, reachable from the foot of the mountain in 13 minutes by gondola, you can fully appreciate the impressive views of snow covering the natural mountain landscape as far as the eye can see. The view from the terrace at the 1088 meter-high peak is a sight to see - if you're at the resort for an overnight stay, this is a view you won’t want to miss.

The resort opens the “Tenbou Cafe” on the Terrace of Frost Trees during its operating season, where you can enjoy Frost Coffee and other snow-inspired drinks. Sipping on coffee and enjoying delicious sweets while looking out over the snowy landscape is an experience to behold. But beware: temperatures near the mountain summit drop below freezing point, so make sure to put on warm protective clothing before heading out.

Ice Village, a mystical ice town that only appears in winter

Tomamu Resort’s Ice Village, a winter specialty

Ice Village is a town constructed from ice that is only available in winter when the weather reaches -30° - not such an unusual temperature for Tomamu. Aside from the skate rink where both adults and children can have fun, there are also a huge number of beautiful ice-inspired spots such as the Snow Ice Atelier, where you can experience making ice glasses, and Bar Icewood, where you can enjoy original cocktails at an ice bar.

You can enjoy a world of ice overnight at Ice Hotel

Tomamu Resort Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel is an overnight hotel made entirely of ice that appears every year inside the forest at the Ice Village. That’s right - the tables, the chairs, the bed, and everything inside the room is ice! You can enjoy spending time together with someone special here in this environment so completely removed from daily life.

As the rooms are properly equipped to deal with the freezing cold, you can sleep soundly in a soft bed until morning. This offering is limited to one group per day, so please check for availability and make a reservation in advance.

Choose which way to have fun! Two different hotels with two different concepts

High-rise towers that stand boldly within the resort - that’s the RISONARE Tomamu and Tomamu The Tower. They may look similar, but their facilities and positioning set them apart. Here are some of the features and charms of the two residential hotels - along with advice on how to choose the right one for your stay. Choose the resort that suits you according to when you plan to stay, and how you want to spend your time!

At RISONARE Tomamu you can experience a relaxing and rejuvenating stay


Positioned high above the resort, RISONARE Tomamu is a high-end hotel complete with luxurious facilities such as 100+ square meter suite rooms, fully equipped with jacuzzis and saunas. It’s famed for its clean feeling, large size, and impressive amenities, and the spectacular view from the room window overlooking the snowy mountains ensures a truly luxurious, extraordinary hotel experience.

A commanding view of the enchanting landscape outside awaits you in the jacuzzi room. You might even want to have this view all to yourself, both morning and night...!

As the hotel is located slightly away from the resort, it takes some time to access the surrounding areas, but thanks to the shuttle bus it’s not too much of a trip. Those looking for accommodation with a sense of the out-of-the-ordinary to compliment their skiing experience need look no further.

Single night stays are possible, but if you want more time to relax, we recommend a stay of 2 nights or more. For the ultimate resort experience, RISONARE Tomamu is the superior choice.

Tomamu The Tower is for those that want to enjoy all the activities on offer

「Tomamu The Tower」

Located at the heart of the resort, Tomamu The Tower is a hotel with excellent access to surrounding activities - the resort itself is right before your eyes. In addition to this, other attractions such as the Forest Mall, with a collection of various restaurants, and the magical Chapel on the Water, are also easily accessible. If you’re out to enjoy all that’s on offer at the resort - skiing included - this is the place to be.

A rich variety of rooms are also available, such as standard rooms, family rooms, special rooms for mothers with young children, and more. You have the ability to choose the optimal room to suit your plans: be it a family trip, a romantic date, or solo travel.

As there is a day-care center and a kids space inside the hotel, even mothers and their newborn babies can feel at ease. Tomamu The Tower is fun for the whole family - that’s what makes it special.

You can stay here at a more affordable rate than at RISONARE Tomamu, but it can also be crowded on the weekend and holidays due to the large number of guest rooms. For those that want to make the most of the large number of activities that Hokkaido offers, however, this hotel comes highly recommended.

Enjoy special moments at Hokkaido’s star snow resort

Tomamu Resort’s snowy scenery

So - that’s what you can expect from Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Ski Resort.

Ski slopes located amongst vast nature, a large number of hands-on snow-based events, and superb hotels where you can take in the complete resort experience. All the fun to be found this winter is right here at Tomamu Ski Resort.

For those looking for special moments, this is the place! Tomamu is a superb snow resort that we can recommend to anyone planning an extended stay. But be sure to make your booking early - the peak season sees a lively increase of visitors.

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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Adult 2 people1 night

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