5most photogenic spots in one of Japan’s most famous snow resorts, Happo-One Winter Resort

Happo-One Winter Resort in Nagano Prefecture attracts tourists not only from Japan but from throughout the world. It’s one of the most famous ski resorts in Japan, with many people struck by its expansive slopes and beautiful sceneries. In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the must-see photogenic spots at this resort. We’ll also be introducing the various charms of Happo-One Winter Resort, and its plethora of skiing and sightseeing experiences.

Happoike Sanso

Beautiful scenery from Happoike Sanso
The highest point you can get to on the ski lift at Happo-One Winter Resort is Happoike Sanso. There, you’ll be able to see the scenery of Hakuba Village that stretches out before you, and if you look behind you, the vast mountain range of the Northern Alps.

It takes a while to get there from the base of the mountain, and you do have to transfer between gondolas/lifts, but it’s well worth it! The snowy landscape stretching out before you is an an extraordinary sight - so beautiful you might even forget to take a photo.

Just remember to bring warm clothes, as it’s often windy near the summit, and very cold even when it’s sunny.

Kurobishi Wall

Scenery at the Kurobishi Wall
Go a little ways down from the summit and you’ll find what is known as Kurobishi Wall.

Just as the name suggests, look at it from above and it is a sheer cliff. This is a must-visit, almost mystical sightseeing spot if you’re ever at Happo-One Winter Resort.

It’s also known for attracting experienced skiers from all throughout Japan, and there’s a dojo-like, competitive feel to the atmosphere.

No worries if you just want to go there and take photos! You can take photos of the scenery from the ski lift, and you can also take amazing photos from the more roundabout beginner-oriented course, if you want.

Happo Banks

Park at Happo Banks
Terrain parks are courses with various man-made bumps and slopes.

Normally, they’re there to help people practice jumps and other tricks, but not Happo Banks.

Here, there are many walls and banks (areas with snow compacted at various angles) that will make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. So you can just ski/snowboard down and have fun - you don’t have to do any jumps. You’ll also have the Northern Alps as a backdrop, so there are countless opportunities to take an amazing photo.

Hakuba Ohashi Bridge

View of Hakuba Ohashi Bridge
About a 15-minute walk away from the central area of Hakuba. Hakuba Ohashi Bridge is a bridge on Matsu River, which is located to the north of the ski resort. This is a great photo spot because from here, you can capture the river, the entirety of the Happo-Ono Area, and the Northern Alps in a single photo.

Seeing the mountain range from Hakuba Ohashi Bridge is slightly different from seeing it via the summit of Happo-Ono. Combined with the countryside atmosphere, it’s an extraordinary sight to behold. Particularly amazing is the sight of the Northern Alps bathed in light from the rising sun in the east. It’s worth it for the photo, even if you have to wake up early.

Hakuba Happo Onsen

Exterior of Hakuba Happo Onsen
This one isn’t technically be a scenery, but we’re making an exception. The Hakuba Happo Onsen, located in central Hakuba, is a great place to just stop by.

Lounge in its famed open air baths while gazing at the vast mountain ranges of the Hakuba Area.

A spot we particularly recommend is Happo Teahouse, which is adjoined to the onsen facility. Here, they sell local specialties like onsen udon and Happo pasture soft-serve. These are perfect for eating after you get out of the baths, and very photogenic too!

Lots of great photo spots - perfect for the scenery connoisseur

In this article, we introduced you to the 5 best winter photo spots in Happo-One Winter Resort.

Happo-One Winter Resort is one of Japan’s best snow resorts, and a great place to see a lot of extraordinary views. Why not come around to see some of the best sceneries the vast Northern Alps has to offer?

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Nov. 30th to May 6th
Longest run distance8,000 m
Maximum gradient37 °
Longest run8,000 m
Maximum37 °

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