Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort - your best destination for long-distance skiing in the Niigata/Myoko area!

April 08, 2021
The Myoko area of Niigata Prefecture features an incredible harmony between nature and leisure, and is relatively easy to access from Tokyo. The ski resort we’re introducing today is the Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort, where you can enjoy some of the best long-distance skiing in Japan. This is a ski resort we recommend for intermediate skiers who want to challenge themselves to something a bit more substantial, but wouldn’t recommend for beginners. Here, we’d like to introduce what makes this resort so great.

Long courses with densely compacted snow!

Sunset as seen from Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort

Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort comprises 90 hectares and 16 courses, which by size alone may pale in comparison to some other resorts, with their enormous ski slopes. But what makes Myoko Suginohara Resort so great is the length of its courses - you can ski almost non-stop from near the peak of the mountain to its base!

The longest slope, 8,500m, is longer than most other slopes. But this resort also covers a lot of vertical distance, which means the difference in elevation from the highest point to the lowest point is over 1,000m. This course isn’t just long - it’s also balanced, with just the right steepness and difficulty. Skiers have spoken very highly of these courses, with many saying they have never experienced long-distance courses that are so perfectly formed.

Two types of ski slopes with different characteristics

Ski slope at Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort

The ski slopes at this resort are divided into two types. The Mitahara Zone, defined by its more lenient, winding terrain and gentle slopes, is suited for beginners, and the Suginohara Zone, with its steep slopes and abrupt changes in terrain, are suited for advanced skiers. Both of these slopes are split into several long-distance courses starting at the peak of the mountain.

Though we recommend the Forest Line in the Mitahara Zone for beginners, this course is actually a bit difficult to get to due to the transfers you have to make on the lifts and gondolas. To get to the course, you also have to go down a connection course that is slightly more difficult. As such, we do not recommend the Forest Line for beginners who have never tried skiing before.

Scenery from near the peak

The courses are all wide, which means even beginners will be able to ski down them quite comfortably. What’s important is figuring out which course you want to have as your base, even as you try out other ones. Beginners and intermediate skiers who have more of a handle on the sport will find all of the courses enjoyable, making this an incredibly satisfying set of slopes.

Skiers can also look out over the Myoko area from the peak, though this is of course dependent on the weather. We also recommend this ski resort to people who want a more comfortable skiing experience, as it is less crowded than most other such resorts in the Niigata area. Many skiers also enjoy the convenience and comfort of this resort, with its clean and well-maintained slope facilities.

Ultra-thrilling course for super-advanced skiers, with a max. steepness of 38 degrees

Ski slope at Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort

Confident in your abilities? Why not challenge yourself to the Super Giant Course, with its maximum steepness of 38 degrees? This course, which is considered the most difficult amongst the resort’s many courses, strikes terror into the hearts of even professional skiers. On the course is a famous downhill slope known as the “38-Degree Valley of Hell.” Few skiers could ski without difficulty down this slope.

When the weather is good, this course also provides skiers an incredible scenic view from near the peak of the mountain. All in all, a popular course. We can only, however, recommend this course for people who are confident in their ability, as the steep slopes coupled with non-compacted snow make it very difficult.

Restaurant areas inside the ski resort, with reasonably-priced food/drinks

There are actually many restaurants inside the ski resort, offering a wide variety of food/drinks. We recommend Restaurant Alyeska, if you’re in the mood for some old-school ski resort cuisine.

The Mitahara Restaurant Street, located in the middle of the Mitahara Zone, is also a popular restaurant area, if less well known. This area offers food/drinks that are incredibly low-priced for a ski resort. We recommend it if you’re in need of a snack but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

These are also crepe shops located in a few areas around the resort. The crepe shop at the 1st Parking Lot in particular is famous for its incredibly delicious crepes.

A variety of lodging options, as well as nearby landmarks and hot springs!

At the base of the mountain is a famous hotel district known as “Suginohara Accommodation District,” so you won’t be strapped for a place to stay.

Though there are no resort facilities such as you might see in a hotel, there is a wide variety of Japanese-style inns, ski lodges, and B&Bs. The Akakura Onsen area is also located nearby. Why not go around the various hot springs and enjoy some sightseeing after a day of skiing?

Perfect for skiers who want to ski non-stop, long-distance - all the way from the peak to the base of the mountain!

Long-distance course at Myoko Suginohara

There you have it - these are all of the points that make Myoko Suginohara Snow Resort great. Though a tad inconvenient to access via train, it’s definitely worth it, if only to experience the exhilaration of long-distance skiing down a 1,000m elevation.

It is also much less crowded compared to other ski resorts. This is a must-visit ski resort if you’re looking to get into skiing.

The Myoko area is located near the Japan Sea, meaning it can get quite humid, which in turn makes the snow more wet. As such, the best time to make the trip is from January to February. Overall, this is a great resort and one we particularly recommend for intermediate skiers who already have a handle on the sport.

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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