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Fujimi Panorama Resort: Just 5 Minutes Off The Highway With Lots Of Challenging Ski Courses!

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December 10, 2020
Suwa, known as the entrance to Nagano, is home to Fujimi Panorama Resort, a day-trip ski resort with excellent access via car. The resort is just 5 minutes from the Suwa Minami Interchange off the Chuo Expressway. Located just off the highway means that drivers need not travel down any snow-covered, difficult to navigate roads on their way there. This resort favors longer courses, allowing visitors to enjoy 3,000 meters of uninterrupted skiing. Fujimi Panorama Resort is especially popular with beginner skiers and families, and this article will explain why that’s the case.

Day-Trip Ski Resort Just 3 Hours From Tokyo

A skier riding the ski lift

One of the best aspects of Fujimi Panorama Resort is that it has excellent accessibility. The resort is just 5 minutes from the highway. Since the road from the highway will take you directly to the resort’s parking lot, this means skiers don’t need to worry about navigating snow-covered roads. Since this region is known for having lots of clear days and little snowfall, drivers need not worry if they don’t have studless tires if they’re thinking to head out skiing.

While there’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the ski center, once you’re there, getting around is a snap. With all the facilities day-trippers will need like rental shops and rest spots in one place, this makes an excellent place for families of skiers.

3,000 Meter Long Course Perfect For Advanced Skiers

Skier speeding down long course

While the ski resort may seem on the smaller side with only 7 courses in total, the courses are quite long, allowing skiers the chance to ski from high elevations all the way down in one swoop. With gondola services that take skiers up to the peak from the bottom of the slopes, skiers can get up to 700 meters above sea level in a snap.

It’s rare for ski resorts to offer long courses over 3,000 meters directly accessible by stepping off the gondola, making it the perfect place for advanced skiers to check out. However, there are no detours on this course, making it a difficult prospect for novices to make their way down to the bottom. There are lifts that will take skiers to courses suited to beginners and intermediate skiers towards the peak, so even beginners can enjoy some skiing in the excellent snow conditions near the top of the mountain. For those who can’t make it all the way down on skis, the best thing is to leave that to the pros and take the gondola back down the mountain.

Slopes Offering Beginners A Relaxed Environment To Practice

The Layout of Fujimi Panorama Resort’s slopes is quite unique, with the intermediate and advanced courses near the top of the mountain and the novice areas totally separated down toward the bottom. With no branching courses that meet up with each other, novices won’t need to worry about advanced skiers hurdling down as they ski. That makes these areas perfect for beginners to polish their skills.

Central slope

Located right in front of the ski center is the Central Slope. The upper area has an incline of 17 degrees. The lower area measures in at about 10 degrees, making it great for beginners and intermediate skiers. The wide courses make practicing turning and breaking easy too. There are 2 lifts that sandwich the course, allowing newer skiers to practice while avoiding the steeper central area. During the season, these slopes are even open at night on the weekends.

Slopes for the whole family

Located to the left of the Ski Center are the family slopes. This is another separate area targeted at beginners and completely separated from the more difficult peak area. With a kids’ park offering sledding, even young children can have a great time here. With just an 8 degree incline, this area is even easier than the central slopes, perfect for those who want to take it slow.

Beautiful Scenery And Beautiful Weather!

Slopes on a gorgeous day

Fujimi Panorama Resort enjoys amazingly clear weather, 80% of the time during the season in fact. As this area doesn’t get much snowfall, the ski slopes are made using artificial snow. The resort has come to be known as one where the skies are always clear, all of its courses offering excellent views out over the alps. The peak area has an especially good reputation, and it’s worth heading to the top just to check out the view.

The snow conditions are best in the upper area of the mountain, while the snow down in the beginner-targeted areas is so-so. When the weather warms up or when lots of people ride the slopes, the snow becomes more slippery, so for those looking to enjoy snow of the fluffier variety, they’ll need to get there early.

Take In The Spectacular View On A Snow Trekking Outing

Snow trekking

Snow trekking from the mountain top gondola station down to the peak of Mt. Nyukasa has in recent years become a very popular activity. Using special snowshoes, hikers will certainly get their fill of the splendor of mother nature as they trek along the mountain trails.

Snow trekking offers the chance to see sights not visible from the ski resort, the cloudless, clear blue sky known colloquially as “Yatsugatake Blue,” animal footprints, and other amazing experiences that only great outdoors can offer.

Courses take around 3 to 4 hours there and back, so for any readers thinking of staying for a couple of days, we recommend checking this activity out.

Image of all slopes

So there you have it: Fujimi Panorama Resort! We hope you enjoyed our article about what makes this place so special.

Boasting great accessibility at just 3 hours away from Tokyo, this ski resort offers challenging courses for advanced skiers and easier ones to practice on for beginners as well. The ski slopes use man-made snow, so one negative aspect of this resort is that as the afternoon progresses, the condition of the snow gets worse and worse, but the separation of courses targeted at different skill levels is a big point in its favor.

This resort is perfect for going all on your own or with the whole family. Fujimi Panorama Resort offers long courses, at a reasonable cost, easily reachable from Tokyo by car!

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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