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Enjoy the winter at Kusatsu Onsen, one of Japan’s most famous onsen villages

# Hot springs
September 09, 2020
Kusatsu Onsen is a famous onsen village in Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma-gun in Gunma Prefecture - so famous and popular, in fact, that it’s included in the Three Great Hot Springs in Japan. It’s not just onsen, either. There are tons of local cuisine and sightseeing spots. This is one place you have to visit if you’re going to a ski resort in the Gunma area. In this article, we’ll be introducing you to all the factors that make Kusatsu Onsen so great.

What makes Kusatsu Onsen so great?

Yubatake in the central area of the city

The spring water at Kusatsu Onsen is highly acidic, and is said to be effective at relieving various ailments and nerve diseases, as well as improving the quality of the skin.

This spring has the greatest natural output of spring water in Japan, and is known for its extremely high temperatures - from 50 to 90 degrees Celsius. As such, guests at Kusatsu Onsen will always be able to enjoy fresh spring water that flows directly from the source of the hot spring.

Spring water wells up in various places throughout the district

Yubatake in Kusatsu Onsen

Located in the center of the onsen village is the Yubatake, which has come to be a sort of symbol for the village. The area around the Yubatake has become a sightseeing area of sorts, with onsen ryokan and stores lining the streets.

Couple at Yubatake

It’s very rare even in Japan to see hot springs water flowing so dynamically, and falling like a waterfall. Yubatake is used as a source of hot springs water, and also to harvest what are known as “yunohana” (hot springs flower), which is a powdered form of crystallized hot spring minerals.

Yubatake lit up at night

The spring of the Yubatake is lit up for a limited time only. Why not come here and experience the distinctly mystical atmosphere unique to areas with hot springs?

Yukemuritei has a free footbath

Footbath lit up at night

Yukemuritei, located right next to the Yubatake, offers a free footbath. It draws the water - with its highly beneficial effects - directly from the source, and so just bathe your feet for a bit, and it’ll work in no time. It’s a great spot to rest in the middle of your sightseeing journey.

Lots of day trip hot springs services!

Hot springs

Wafu Mura, a day-trip hot springs service offered by various Kusatsu Onsen ryokan, is very popular with tourists. 15 long-standing hot springs ryokan participate in this service, which allows you to go around hot springs at discounted prices with a special pass, which can be purchased at any of the participating ryokan.

Experience the traditional Yumomi

Yumomi, a Kusatsu Onsen local attraction

Yumomi is a traditional method employed to cool down Kusatsu’s hot spring water, in which participants stir the spring water with wooden paddles while singing Kusatsu traditional folk songs. This tradition was made because the Kusatsu spring water is extremely hot. This is a famous attraction at Kusatsu Onsen.

Yumomi at Kusatsu Onsen

You may be able to participate, depending on the place, so we recommend you try it if you have any interest in it!

Get some helpful, healing Yunohana

Yunohana made at Yubatake

Yunohana, harvested from the spring water at Yubatake, makes a precious souvenir - a condensed version of all the benefits of the spring water.

Because only small amounts are shipped out every 2-3 months, they sell out very quickly. You may be very lucky if you’re able to find one.

Traditional onsen district with a long history

Night scenery at Yubatake

So there you have it.

Hot springs are vital to getting the most out of Japan’s winters.

Why not head to Kusatsu Onsen, with its amazing hot springs, history, sightseeing, and cuisine, as part of your ski trip in the Gunma area?

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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