“Instruction tips by WAmazing Snow on improving your snowboarding technique Part 1” from basic stance to starting snowboarding

April 08, 2021
Snowboarders gallantly gliding down the slopes look cool, don’t they? For those beginners who have no experience on snow who are thinking about making a debut on the slopes this season, it may be a bit daunting faced with the decision to go to a school, be taught by someone, or learn on your own. As a guide aimed at snowboarding beginners, this time we are posting a 3-part series of “Learning how to snowboard by WAmazing Snow”. By reading this and practicing, it is possible to acquire the basic skills of moving forward and turning in as short as 90 minutes. In Part 1, we will cover the steps of basic stance, proper handling of the board, and simple gliding. For those wishing to learn the basics of snowboarding in a short time, be sure to continue reading!

Let’s start with learning the correct gear, form, and gestures of snowboarding

Holding the snowboard
Before learning techniques, let’s start with the basics of form. It goes without saying that if you’re going snowboarding, you want to look good in the process. Your appearance while holding the board and waiting for friends is actually quite important.

There are actually many people who drag their board behind them by the snowboard leash as if walking a dog, but this is bad form.

Side view of a snowboarder carrying a board
Well look at that - putting your arm around the board between the bindings makes you look like an expert snowboarder! Also, while waiting for friends, it looks stylish to hold the board standing in an upright position.

If you’re serious about learning to snowboard, let’s start with getting used to the proper forms and gestures.

The neutral position - easy to execute but more than meets the eye (a lot to master)

The most basic stance
Every sport has a basic stance. If you want to become proficient, it’s necessary that you first master the basic stance.

Since it’s quite difficult for snowboard beginners to maintain the basic stance, let’s first try practicing the next 2 tips.

Tip 1: look in the direction you want to go

Your line of sight acts somewhat like a steering wheel. Beginners have a tendency to look at their feet out of fear. However, take a breath and look in the direction you want to go. It’s best if you can choose a distant point to focus on.

Having a clear image indicating this direction is important. Just by doing this, you will be able to freely control the direction of your board.

Tip 2: make sure your whole body is relaxed

Beginners have a tendency to freeze up out of the initial fear and uneasiness. However, in snowboarding, it is crucial that your body is always in a relaxed state. Also, relax both hands and place them by your sides. If you remember to do this, you’re more than half way to mastering the basic stance.

Which foot do I attach to the board?

Attaching and detaching snowboard
There are 2 types of stances in snowboarding. The regular stance is when you put your left foot forward. The goofy stance is when you put your right foot forward. If you kick a soccer ball with your right foot, then the regular stance is said to be best for you. Also, most people who are right-handed tend to use the regular stance.

One foot attached to snowboard
Although both feet are attached to the board when snowboarding, when getting on and off a ski lift, you take one foot off and move by skating. In this case, you take off your back (right) foot to move around.

Your front foot tends to be attached for most of the day. Make sure the bindings which attach your feet to the board are securely fastened.

Skating is the basic method of moving around

Kicking the ground
Unlike skiing, snowboarding doesn’t use ski poles. Your back foot (right foot for those taking a regular stance) becomes a substitute for ski poles.

When skating, it is important to be conscious of the aforementioned two tips for the basic stance, taking small steps with your free leg in front of the board.

Move forward slowly
The important point here is consciously taking small steps. Large steps can result in your legs spreading apart, making it easy to fall down.

Let’s try snowboarding forward while consciously assuming the basic stance

Start riding the snowboard
After you can move around by skating, try getting on the board and riding a little.

Attaching both feet immediately is likely a bit unnerving, so first try to put the back foot on the board between the two bindings after skating.

Moving forward
Kick the ground with your free leg 2 or 3 times, then start riding the board. Always keep in mind the basic stance and your line of sight. If you can consciously lean your body slightly forward in the direction you want to go, you will become proficient faster.

Now you have acquired the basics of snowboarding!

This is the end of Part 1 “Instruction tips by WAmazing Snow on improving your snowboarding technique”. Well, how was it?

This time, we learned about basic positioning to the basic stance. In Part 2, we will learn applied techniques for turning and stopping. Be sure to check it out!

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