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A ski center directly connecting to the car park! At the Kawaba Ski Resort, it’s fun just playing in the snow!

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June 25, 2020
The Kawaba Ski Resort is famous even within Gunma as a ski resort that is easy to access by car. The reason for this is the large multistory car park connecting directly to the ski center. Complete with rental shops, dining facilities, shops and rest stations, the ski center has become a bit of a landmark in Kawaba itself. The slopes tend to target more intermediate skiers. Many of the courses offer a range of variations and inclines, including some mogul slopes for those that fancy a go at mogul skiing. Let’s take a closer look at the charms of the Kawaba Ski Resort.

A wide selection of long-run courses for intermediate skiers

Maps of courses

There are a total of 10 courses on offer. This medium-sized slope covers a total area of 60 hectares.

While there are only two beginner courses available, both the Sakuragawa Course and the Crystal Course provide long-running gradual slopes that extend for 1,300 meters and 2,000 meters respectively. Beginners should test their mettle here before gradually taking on the harder courses.

The resort features eight courses for intermediate and advanced skiers, each with steep gradients and rapidly changing conditions. A particular standout is the Mumeimine Trial, an extremely challenging mogul slope with a maximum incline of 34 degrees. This course is a favorite among veteran skiers looking to partake in genuine mogul skiing and ski jumps.

The overall course width is fairly narrow, which makes it difficult to recommend for complete beginners. This ski resort offers sharp inclines to skiers of an immediate skill level and above who can generally cut their way through the snow with ease.

A range of courses ideally suited for mogul skiing

Mogul course

The advanced courses at the Kawaba Ski Resort are a renowned attraction for many veteran skiers. One reason for this is the well-maintained mogul slope.

All aspects of the course strike the perfect balance - whether it’s the incline of the course, the bump placement, or the quality of the snow allowing for better ski control. Once you develop a taste for the thrill of speeding down the rapidly undulating mogul slope you might end up coming back again and again.

The ski lift is also well positioned, enabling a swift return up the mountain - the perfect environment for those looking to enjoy mogul skiing to the fullest.

Don’t forget to protect yourself against the blisteringly cold winds!

Ski slope at Kawaba

With a slope height of 1,800 meters at its peak, the strong winds can often kick up a blustery gale. Local skiers sometimes refer to this place as “windswept Kawaba”.

The higher you go, the rougher the wind conditions tend to get near the summit course, and these conditions can often cause the ski lift to stop. In strong wind conditions your visibility drops, and temperatures can fall noticeably. Those going to a snowy mountain for the first time should take extra precautions to protect themselves from the cold. It is highly recommended that you check the weather forecast beforehand to verify conditions mountainside.

Features a fully complete snow park for beginners

Snowboarders gathering in the snow

A wide range of items can be found at the snow park, which features an undulating, varied mogul slope located on site grounds. This is the perfect place to practice jumps and turns before trying your hand at more difficult techniques.

There are plenty of attractions for beginners and children, making it an ideal place for your park debut. New attractions keep getting added year after year, making for thrilling experiences even when just playing in the undulating snowscape.

Nothing beats having a ski center directly connected to a car park!

Ski center

The large, multistory car park rising out of the snowy mountainside has become somewhat of a symbol of the Kawaba Ski Resort. As this car park directly connects to the ski center, visitors arriving by car can jump directly into preparing for their ski session.

All six floors are dedicated to parking spaces, fitting up to 1,800 cars into the parking facility. All-day free parking, fully furnished with elevator access for top-of-the-line convenience. Parking spaces can be reserved on holidays, recommended for when you have your travel plans in place.

Famous dining options line the restaurant section

Food court hamburger

The Kawaba City shopping area inside the ski center boasts a range of goods that almost rivals that of a shopping center.

The restaurant area on the 7th and 8th floors of the car park is particularly renowned. Here you can find a rich array of unique dining choices, from Tandoor, an Indian restaurant serving up genuine dishes from the subcontinent, to the ever-popular Bosco, famous for its genuine stone oven-cooked pizza, and Timberline, a large restaurant with the largest seating capacity, as well as the selection of menu choices. Such great variety ensures that you will never have to worry about what to eat on the day.

Careful consideration is given to skiers everywhere you look, with each floor coming complete with toilets and changerooms with showers. Perfect for dropping by after a day’s ski, or for taking breaks in between. The level of convenience on offer for day trip skiers is unparalleled, allowing weary travelers to drive home immediately after finishing up.

Some call this the easiest resort to access by car in all of Gunma

Base camp

Located just 17 kilometers from the Numata Interchange on the Kan-Etsu Expressway, visitors travelling by car can reach the ski resort in just 30 minutes from the interchange. Getting to the multistory car park requires passing through a snow-covered mountainous road. Those not used to snow road conditions should prepare their car with tire chains or studless snow tires before heading out.

Having said that, once through the mountainous road you will be able to enter the multistory car park, allowing for a greater level of convenience compared to other ski resorts. Another option for those who want to avoid driving in the snowy terrain is to catch the free shuttle bus departing from the nearby Michi-no-Eki Kawaba Denen Plaza.

Reachable in under two hours from the Tokyo metropolitan area, together with the multistory car park standing tall amidst the snowy mountainscape - these two areas are where the Kawaba Ski Resort really excels.

A convenient ski resort aimed at intermediate level skiers

Course near the summit

A ski resort renowned for its multistory car park and ski center rather than its slope is something of a rarity. This speaks volumes to how much this level of convenience is valued by skiers.

The slope consists of a variety of courses aimed at intermediate level skiers, and many mogul slopes making for a thrilling ski experience. This slope is ideal for those wanting to try their hand at mogul skiing, and those hoping to further brush up on their technique.

While the ski resort is fairly distinct and may not be to everyone’s taste, the wide variety of courses available combined with the excellent ease of access are sure to make for an unforgettable ski experience!

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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