The Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort is made up of gentle slopes that are fun for the whole family

July 09, 2024
The Minakami Area boasts a total of nine major ski resorts, with the Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort being located in the deepest part of the area. What sets the Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort apart is the rich array of activities available to families traveling with children. The resort is particularly popular amongst families, offering the chance to fully enjoy the slopes even when arriving empty-handed. Let’s take a closer look at the charms of the Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort.

Easy access from the Tokyo metropolitan area

Ski slope
Visitors can arrive from Tokyo Station by catching the Joetsu Shinkansen to Jomo-Kogen Station, and then transferring to the shuttle bus leaving from the station. This route will have you arrive at the slopes in around 2.5 hours.

Visitors arriving from the Tokyo metropolitan area by car should allow around three hours to reach the resort via the Minakami Interchange on the Kan-Etsu Expressway. Many skiers arrive from Tokyo on a day trip, with the convenient location of the resort allowing skiers to enjoy themselves to the fullest, whether heading back on the same day or staying the night.

Slope layout that caters especially to families

Maps of the slope
The slopes at the Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort provide spectacular views overlooking the mountain line at the Joetsu border. With everything from gentle slope courses to ease beginners in, to complex courses sure to satiate intermediate and advanced skiers, the sheer variety of courses leaves something for everyone.

The difference in slope elevation is 150 meters, with the slope rising to 1,000 meters at its peak and dropping to 850 meters at its lowermost point. While the ski resort itself is quite compact at a width of just 60 square meters, the ability to easily keep an eye on the kids while taking in the spectacular views more than makes up for it.

There are three two-person lifts stretching out from the area in front of Hotel Sunbird. 50% of the slopes are intended for beginners, 30% for intermediate skiers and 20% for advanced skiers, making for a course composition that is more oriented for new skiers. The maximum incline is 37 degrees, and the longest distance run is 600 meters.

Fujiwara Kid’s Land opens on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays!

Children playing in Kid’s Land
The Kid’s Land area in front of Hotel Sunbird opens on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, giving even small children the chance to frolic about in the snow. This area is cut off from other areas of the site with a net border, allowing greater peace of mind when playing in the snow. Kids can also hop on a sled in the powder snow, engage in snowball fights, or try their hand at building a snowman.

The Kid’s Land also has an inflatable air dome slide filled with parents and children lining up to slide down together. The free space area has a range of snow activity goods on offer, such as small shovels and buckets, which makes it an ideal play space for toddlers who have only just taken their first steps.

The treasure hunt held twice daily is a particularly popular event, with parents and children gathering in large numbers before the thing even starts. Off to the side is the sled corner, which is packed with kids relishing in rolling down the gentle slope in snow striders, tubes, Zipfys and jet sleighs. This makes for the perfect spot for children to enjoy themselves without needing to take the ski lift up the mountain!

A slope design that makes it easy to keep an eye on your children at all times

Slope inside the Kid’s Park
The Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort has a total of 12 courses, with each slope accessible from the three two-person lifts leaving from the front of Hotel Sunbird. Over half of the courses on offer are for beginner to intermediate skiers.

The slopes are designed to offer a wide approach, allowing beginners to fully enjoy skiing. Each course leads back to Hotel Sunbird, ensuring that you will never lose sight of your kids.

Filled with gentle courses for both skiers and snowboarders alike

Skiers riding the lifts
The second ski lift takes skiers to a gentle course with an average incline of 13 degrees, and a maximum incline of 13 degrees. Both of the courses on this slope are ideally suited to beginner skiers. Both the gradual course and the slow course offer a perfect option for those riding the ski lift for the first time. The course is 280 meters long, not too long, and not too short.

The third ski lift takes skiers to an advanced course with an average incline of 22 degrees, and a maximum incline of 25 degrees. The course doesn’t provide any alternate routes to turn back, and should be avoided if you are not completely confident in your skiing abilities. The Challenge Forest course is the hardest course on offer, measuring a total of 600 meters in length. This course preserves the natural topography of the terrain, providing a more active skiing experience.

The Kid's ski slope is found at the base of the third ski lift slope. This slope has an average incline of eight degrees. It is also great as a practice slope for those trying out skiing and snowboarding for the first time.

The highly convenient Hotel Sunbird works well as a hub for your skiing!

Onsen inside Hotel Sunbird
Hotel Sunbird is a hotel under the direct management of the Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort. Located directly adjacent to the slopes, visitors leaving the hotel can witness the slopes rise up before their very eyes, with the ski lift riding platform immediately before them. With 11 types of private open air baths available inside the hotel, visitors can relax their weary bodies after a long day spent skiing and snowboarding in the steaming hot springs.

Located in the magnificent natural surrounds of Okutone, both active-minded skiers and snowboarders and families looking to relax in a hot spring are sure to find something to their fancy.

Perfect for families looking to enjoy a snow trip together

Panda mascot
The Fujiwara Snow & Spa Resort is the perfect resort for casually enjoying onsen bathing and winter sports.

It has a wide course layout, and mainly consists of gentle slopes ideal for beginner and intermediate skiers. The ability to survey the entire course layout offers greater peace of mind for families looking to enjoy skiing with small children. The site’s convenient location is also ideal for those looking to pop out from Tokyo for a day on a ski trip.

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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Adult 2 people1 night

USD 202.72〜 (JPY 32,000〜)