Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort - popular amongst advanced skiers/snowboarders for its powder snow slopes

October 20, 2021
Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort is located in a fairly secluded location, even amongst the ski resorts of Gunma Prefecture. The ski resort itself is about medium-sized, with mostly smaller-scale slopes. It’s located at a high elevation, at 1,500 meters, and will let you enjoy some of the highest-level powder snow in the Gunma area. Its season is also very long, going from December to May, which means there are many advanced-level skiers who come to experience the deep snow. One thing is that, since not many beginners come to this ski resort, it tends not to get very crowded even during the peak of the season. It’s the perfect ski resort to get in some spring skiing.

Unique course configuration, surrounded by two mountains

Map of courses
The ski resort can be divided largely into two areas. The Mt. Takakura Area and the Tenjin Pass Area. You can get to Tenjindaira Station, which is the base area, via gondola. Since both these mountains have a high elevation, at 1,449 meters for Mt. Takakura, and 1,502 meters for Tenjin Pass, you’ll be able to enjoy some extraordinary powder snow. This ski resort also has a lot of courses geared towards intermediate- to advanced-level skiers, and few courses for beginners.

The Tenjindaira Area is situated between the two mountains, and is home to a gentle slope oriented towards beginners. This is the only flat area in the entire ski resort, and so we recommend the area around the base area if you want to practice. Mountains at the scale of 2,000 meters loom around the area, allowing you to enjoy a 360 degree, panoramic view of some snowy scenery while brushing up on your skills.

The intermediate- to advanced-level courses, on the other hand, are all quite difficult with regards to both distance and steepness. They’re also known for how well they are maintained. Even advanced-level skiers who are confident in their skills will find themselves very satisfied with these courses, which utilize the natural terrain born of the Tanigawa Mountain Range. Though there aren’t many courses, the courses that they do have offer a lot of variety - so challenge yourself to them if you want to ski down slopes with a lot of different elements.

Long season means it’s famous for being a spring skiing hot spot

Ski slopes on a clear day
This ski resort also has a relatively long season compared to other resorts in the Gunma area, since it’s located at a high elevation with a lot of snowfall. The season starts in early December, when surrounding ski resorts are not yet open, and goes until early May. It also doesn’t get very crowded, even during times when surrounding ski resorts are filled with beginners, making it popular amongst a certain population of skiers as a hidden-gem type of ski resort.

Depending on the season, it also offers courses with non-compacted snow, and many advanced-level skiers come to ski on this fresh snow as well. This ski resort also has a great reputation with regards to its snow quality, with fluffy powder snow in all areas. The snow on the beginner courses does sometimes get compacted over time, however, since there are so many people on them.

The Gezan Course - a 4,000-meter long-distance course

Large-scale gondola lift
You can use the gondola lift you came up with to go back down the mountain, but you can also go skiing down on the Gezan Course. The Gezan Course is a very satisfying course, offering a 4,000-meter long-distance run. In the ski resort comprised mainly of shorter courses, it is a rarity - a course in which you can really get that refreshing and exciting skiing feel. It may be better for you to go down on the gondola lift, however, if you’re not at least an intermediate-level skier, since the course is narrow with a lot of steep slopes.

Restaurant at the base area offers extraordinary views

An amazing view
There is a restaurant located in the base area called View Terrace Tenjin. It has a distinctive open lounge design with European-style decor. Many people love going to this restaurant because of the mountain scenery you can see from this location. And since it offers so many seats, it’s become a popular spot amongst tourists. Finishing up your skiing early to go relax and look at the scenery is another luxurious way to experience your trip.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of the most well-known dishes in ski slope cuisine, from hamburg steak set meals to ramen and cutlet curry. We particularly recommend the cutlet curry. This cutlet curry has quite the positive reputation, with people saying that it’s a bit more expensive, but that its taste and portion size is much better and bigger than the standard cutlet curry. The shop attached to the restaurant sells a wide assortment of Tenjindaira specialty gifts and souvenirs. Since you can go straight down on the gondola lift, one good plan might be to end your skiing early, buy some gifts and souvenirs, then leave before the traffic gets too bad.

Make full use of the multistory parking structure, which is convenient for day-trippers

Slope geared towards advanced-level skiers
The parking structure at the base area, though small, offers a number of services that will make the lives of day-trippers a bit easier. It has a nap room, so people who drive in in the middle of the night can get ample rest. Another perk is that, since the parking structure is also relatively close to the slopes, you can also just get changed in the changing room and go straight to skiing. Though this ski resort isn’t the easiest to get to, the services offered here make life easier for those who head there by car.

Many famous onsen at the base of the mountain

Inside the onsen
An area we recommend around the Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort is the onsen district located in the base of the mountain, which you can get down to using the gondola lift. Here, there are many onsen facilities surrounded in nature, with many day-trip onsen as well. It may be fun to wander around this traditional onsen district and go do some sightseeing after you’re done skiing.

A compact ski resort with extraordinary powder snow

A wide open slope
Were we able to get across what makes Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort so great? It’s a bit difficult to get to, considering it’s fairly secluded - even by Gunma area standards - but its high elevation and abundant snowfall mean the quality of the snow is extraordinary. Here you can enjoy some of the highest-quality snow without getting too caught up in when you go, since the season is so long. Though it doesn’t offer the kind of facilities as a large-scale resort, this is a ski resort that is extremely popular amongst intermediate- and advanced-level skiers.

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