The Lotte Arai Resort, a premium ski resort overlooking the sea

December 27, 2022
The Lotte Arai Resort is located in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture. In clear weather, this grand location offers majestic views overlooking the sea. Renowned for its luxury facilities, this ski resort offers a taste of the high life you just can’t get at other ski resorts. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features of the Lotte Arai Resort.

High quality powder snow with a snowfall volume rarely matched at other Japanese ski resorts

The Lotte Arai slope
The Myoko area which plays host to the Lotte Arai Resort is a prominent heavy snowfall region, even within Niigata itself. The area has an extremely low amount of moisture, leading to dry snow falling in abundance. Powder snow is said to be the ideal snow type for beginner and advanced skiers alike, providing a soft cushion when falling front-first, while also facilitating turns.

Lotte Arai Resort course details

Long course
There are a total of 11 courses. The slopes, divided largely from top to bottom, are a defining feature of the resort. While beginner courses are fewer in number compared to the intermediate and advanced courses, the wide-open course layout leaves plenty of room for beginners to enjoy themselves.

The upper “Be Free” section of the slope is a popular course for intermediate skiers. This wide course is formed from perfectly compacted snow. The mid-slope is intended more for advanced skiers, and may prove too great a challenge for beginner and intermediate skiers.

Don’t miss the ski school!

A pair of skiers
The Lotte Arai Resort ski school provides a variety of lessons and guidance based on a core philosophy for providing “smiles, incentives and confidence”. These lessons not only to improve your general skiing and snowboarding skills - these are special lessons not offered elsewhere.

There is a rich lineup of lessons on offer, from “Private Lessons” where lessons and guidance are tailored to meet the student’s individual requests, to “Kids’ Group Lessons” for children, and “Kids’ One-to-one Lessons” for three- to six-year-olds.

The school is held in high regard, with additional “hands-on” powder snow lessons teaching students things like how to use their equipment while enjoying the surrounding powder snow.

Use the first-class lift ticket for a better skiing experience!

Ski slopes at night
In addition to the economy-class lift ticket, you can also purchase a first-class lift ticket. This ticket allows priority access to all ski lifts. Long ski lift waiting times are a reality at any ski resort, and in peak times the time spent waiting is undoubtedly time wasted. Those with money to spend are welcome to purchase a first-class lift ticket to make getting around the slopes a stress-free experience!

Enjoy the diverse range of activities on offer

Zip-line tours that descend from the mountain peak to the mid-slope area year-round are yet another unmissable attraction! At a total length of 1,501 meters and a maximum elevation difference of 239 meters, this is one of the largest zip-lines in Asia. This three-minute flight of fancy is a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be had elsewhere in Japan. The invigorating feeling of flying down the mountainside is sure to leave a lasting memory! Don’t miss out (*Bookings required).

In addition, the ski resort offers a zip-line tour easily accessible via the use of a magic carpet, truck tires used for tubing down the ski slope, indoor rock climbing and many other ways to enjoy the resort besides skiing and snowboarding.

Fully-fledged lineup of ski and snowboard rental equipment

Ski brand logos
A full range of rental equipment is available, including a variety of manufacturers and types of high-end equipment such as the European outdoor brand Salomon, which is renowned for its color and design sense. You are sure to find the model that best suits your idea of an excursion up a snowy mountainside.

Due to the nature of the sport, when skiing and snowboarding, safety is one area that takes even greater precedence over experience and technique. To this end, the rental equipment provided at the Lotte Arai Resort all conform to international safety standards, ensuring first-rate safety and reliability.

Luxurious facilities unique to premium ski resorts

The facilities at the Lotte Arai Resort are simply gorgeous! There is an ample selection of dining options to choose from, all-day dining selections, Italian restaurants, a lounge, Japanese food, and take-out cafes, with each store offering something truly unique. In addition, the resort also offers a library cafe, conference rooms, spa and pool facilities, nursery care facilities and the like. The resort is on hand to ensure that each and every visitor, young and old, can get the most out of the facilities on offer.

The high quality ski resort and outstanding facilities on offer at the Lotte Arai Resort command a higher price than that found at other ski resorts. Never fear though, as this is where discounts and package products come in!

If you are interested in going but are put off by the high hotel fees, consider a plan that has you staying at a nearby hotel or ryokan at a more reasonable price.

Accessing the Lotte Arai Resort

It takes around 120 minutes to reach Joetsumyoko Station from Japan’s capital, Tokyo, on the Hokuriku Shinkansen. You can reach the Lotte Arai Resort from the Joetsumyoko Station by bus in around 30 minutes. When arriving by car, the ski resort is approximately eight kilometers from the Arai Smart IC on the Joshin-Etsu Expressway. A free shuttle bus departs regularly from the Joetsumyoko Station to the Lotte Arai Resort, providing visitors with a convenient travel option.

Enjoy the ultimate resort stay at this luxurious ski resort

View of the ski slope and the hotel
This luxurious premium ski resort offers both a massive skiing area and the highest quality snow. This is the Lotte Arai Resort. Owned by the international hotel chain, Lotte, this ski resort is also a particularly popular destination for tourists from overseas.

Enjoy a magnificent experience not readily found elsewhere at the Lotte Arai Resort!

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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