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2023 - 2024
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[2022/12/27 Renewal]
Insurance products for WAmazing Snow will temporarily be unavailable for purchasing. For our Insurance products, please visit this site to purchase them. ▶︎ WAmazing Insurance Service
The underwriting company is Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Compensation for any medical expenses due to injury or illness during your trip
What will you do if this happen?

Injured while travelling
Language barriers at the hospital
Need treatment for COVID-19
Language barriers at the hospital
Injured while travelling
Need treatment for COVID-19

You don't have to worry if you enroll in our International Travel Insurance for Visitors to Japan


Insurance amount・Sample premiums

Coverage・Insurance amount
Special provisions on payment of medical treatment/repatriation expenses

JPY 10,000,000

Policy periodInsurance premium
1 day
USD 5.89(JPY 880)
2 days
USD 8.57(JPY 1,280)
3 days
USD 10.91(JPY 1,630)
4 days
USD 13.46(JPY 2,010)
5 days
USD 15.67(JPY 2,340)
6 days
USD 17.41(JPY 2,600)
7 days
USD 19.15(JPY 2,860)
8 days
USD 20.69(JPY 3,090)
9 days
USD 22.33(JPY 3,335)
10 days
USD 23.93(JPY 3,575)
11 days
USD 25.37(JPY 3,790)
12 days
USD 26.98(JPY 4,030)
13 days
USD 28.69(JPY 4,285)
14 days
USD 30.36(JPY 4,535)
15 days
USD 31.97(JPY 4,775)
16 days
USD 33.48(JPY 5,000)
17 days
USD 35.01(JPY 5,230)
18 days
USD 36.55(JPY 5,460)
19 days
USD 37.93(JPY 5,665)
20 days
USD 39.40(JPY 5,885)
21 days
USD 40.84(JPY 6,100)
22 days
USD 42.25(JPY 6,310)
23 days
USD 43.52(JPY 6,500)
24 days
USD 44.89(JPY 6,705)
25 days
USD 46.23(JPY 6,905)
26 days
USD 47.53(JPY 7,100)
27 days
USD 48.74(JPY 7,280)
28 days
USD 50.01(JPY 7,470)
29 days
USD 51.28(JPY 7,660)
30 days
USD 52.42(JPY 7,830)
  • This insurance product offers coverage for medical expenses incurred due to injury or illness in Japan and for repatriation to the patient's home country.

Services offered

Compensation for treatment costs due to injury or illness during your stay in Japan

If you are injured in an accident while staying in Japan, or if you receive medical treatment due to an illness while you in Japan, we will pay the appropriate amount of the treatment costs.

Compensation for transportation costs to your country of origin due to injury or illness during your stay in Japan

We will pay the amount deemed reasonable for transportation expenses to your home country in the event that you are hospitalized in Japan due to an injury or illness during your stay.

Cashless medical service

If you call the support desk (24 hours a day, 365 days a year, English / Chinese), we will put you in touch with hospitals in Japan based on the symptoms of your injury or illness. In addition, we will pay the treatment fee and medicine fee directly to the hospital or pharmacy. (No need for payment at the location)

Interpretation services via telephone

We provide interpretation services in English, Chinese, and Korean via telephone or videophone. This service is not limited to when at medical institutions, but can also be used at restaurants, hotels, or more during your stay in Japan.

Description of important matters

Please read carefully read and review the description of important matters before you purchase.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel up until 14:59 (Japan time) on the day before the start of usePossible (Free)
Cancellation after 15:00 (Japan time) on the day before the first day of useNot Possible
* Please note that due to credit card company regulations, transactions cannot be canceled after 180 days from the date of purchase.

We offer further information in the frequently-asked questions (FAQ), such as how to apply.

This insurance product is operated by Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

Claim payment procedures and support desk support are handled by Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. a major Japanese insurance company. Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. is a Japanese non-life insurance company, founded in 1887 as the first fire insurance company in Japan. Today, the group has offices in Japan and 29 other countries and regions around the world, and is expanding its business globally from developed countries to emerging countries. (As of March 31, 2022)